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Error Report Quick turn around Katie Gourley 1:41 PM
Synergy Enrollment Errors Katie Gourley 1:18 PM
FRAM Data 10:55 AM
Attendance & Behavior Norma-Jean Stanion 10/14/17
Address Errors Katie Gourley 10/13/17
Written Notices Peter Kuzyk 10/12/17
Uploads to Synergy Punctuation Melissa 10/11/17
Infinite Campus User Group Meeting - Fall 2017 10/10/17
Special Ed Status Lisa Quigley 9/22/17
List of Languages in IC Andy Wallace 9/20/17
Discipline records in IC Andy Wallace 9/20/17
Enrollment Start Status Codes Sam Iggulden 9/18/17
Automated staff/student account creation William Backman 9/13/17
Using IC or other Student DB Sue Lambert 9/13/17
New School and District IDs - database changes William Backman 9/8/17
turn around for State ID numbers Andy Wallace 9/8/17
Nancy Embry 9/7/17
IC POS Transactions Norma-Jean Stanion 9/7/17
ELL or ESL Sue Lambert 9/1/17
Learn from my mistake... Michael Richards 8/30/17
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