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Vim meetup at thoughtbot-SF Thursday December 18th. Keith Smiley 11/21/14
Vim meetup at thoughtbot-SF Thursday November 20th. Keith Smiley 11/10/14
Vim meetup at thoughtbot-SF Thursday October 23rd. Keith Smiley 10/16/14
Vim meetup today @7pm AB 9/30/14
Vim Meetup at thoughtbot-SF - Tuesday August 26th Adarsh Pandit 8/11/14
Vim Meetup at Square - only a few tickets left gabriel.gilder 4/7/14
Vim Meetup at Square, April 10 gabriel.gilder 3/31/14
Vim Meetup February 19, 6:30 - 9 PM steffan.chartrand 2/19/14
A Good Vimrc Adarsh Pandit 1/22/14
Slides From Yesterday's Talks Adarsh Pandit 1/15/14
Open Dotfiles Directory Adarsh Pandit 1/14/14
Jan Vim Enthusiast! Meetup on Tuesday 1/14th - Front End Vim Adarsh Pandit 1/3/14
Vim3D Adarsh Pandit 12/11/13
Next Vim Enthusiast! Meetup - Tuesday December 3rd Adarsh Pandit 11/12/13
Hot new vim setup - Square's maximum-awesome seansorrell 8/30/13
Thanks, background Adarsh Pandit 7/3/13
Fwd: The Art of Vim Adarsh Pandit 6/28/13
Meetup 7/2 steffan.chartrand 6/28/13
History of HJKL Jessie A. Young 6/15/13
CoVim Adarsh Pandit 5/20/13
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