Waffle and Play Framework

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Waffle and Play Framework mikael bellec 5/1/12 5:44 AM


Could you let me know if waffle would be suitable for the following scenario.

Client Application: Browser (IE 8, FF) on Windows 7

Server: Play Framework 1.2.4 standalone (using Netty internally)

Now I can do LDAP authentication easily but I would like to add SSO capabilities so the users can bypass the login screen if they have been successfully authenticated on the domain already.

Play framework is not built on the J2EE stack and does not have a Servlet container. 

Now could I use waffle to process the kerberos token from the request header and check if the user is authenticated with the domain?

PS: I am not an expert on windows authentication so examples and explanations are welcome.


Re: Waffle and Play Framework Daniel D. 5/1/12 6:25 AM
I don't know anyone who has done work with Waffle and Netty/Play. If I understand it correctly Netty is not a servlet container, so none of the current waffle filters would work. You need some filtering mechanism in Netty that can look at headers and respond before it hits your application, which I am sure exists. It's not a big amount of work from there to replicate what the servlet filters do (you'd have to do the work of course).--

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Re: Waffle and Play Framework mikael bellec 5/1/12 10:07 PM

Hi Daniel, 

You are correct Netty is a web server not a servlet container. 
I will look into the servlet filter and see if I can create a play plugin that can tap into the headers and replicate the servlet filter.