Unofficial unofficial idle programmers thread

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Unofficial unofficial idle programmers thread fml6.626 9/26/13 9:51 AM
So here is the thread where all of us sitting idle and reading over your IRC chat logs can POST (please don't kill me).

To speak for all of us who wish to join the project but just can't seem to get started, I humbly request work, Post your skills in this thread (you don't have to be exceptional, just capable and willing to dedicate time) and we can hopefully direct everyone to the correct resources and nodes of communication.

Also, I/we request a list of what's currently going on that we can help with as most of us don't have the time to start something anew, instead we can contribute to existing code (it seems the majority of code/resources is fragmented across github and reddit). Everyone who has begun a new commit, please post links to your github here, so that us idle programmers don't have to scroll through a hundred lines of IRC.

please don't kill me,
Re: Unofficial unofficial idle programmers thread lytedev 9/26/13 10:37 AM
Here's what needs to get done:

Here's a network of various forks of the Client Core:

Hopefully that's enough for programmers to get started! Feel free to ask questions in IRC!
Re: Unofficial unofficial idle programmers thread Adam Martin 9/26/13 12:27 PM
On Thursday, September 26, 2013 11:51:08 AM UTC-5, fml6.626 wrote:

For those interested you may also contribute to Sigma the framework that the Trillek engine might be based off. Here is the Trillek forum post about it . Note I am the lead programmer for Sigma, and one of the lead programmers for Trillek.

Re: Unofficial unofficial idle programmers thread Lorenzo 10/14/13 9:33 AM
Hi everybody,
i'm interested in collaborating.
I'm a python and javascript programmer, mainly with web frameworks (angularJS and py webapp2), by I can adapt my skill.
I have no experience in game programming but I can easily selfteach, and I have a good knowledge about game industry.
I really believe opensource software is changing the world, so I would be glad to collaborate for what I can.
my github