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Data "freshness" Jenn Lynch 3/5/12 3:03 PM
I've been browsing the end user view of CityGrid, and I'm concerned about the freshness of the review data. Here's an example – – the top review returned is from "About 9 years ago." 

I don't see a way to pass a date range into the Places search. Are there any tricks to bringing back the number of reviews within a reasonable time range (e.g., 2 years)?
Data "freshness" Jenn Lynch 3/5/12 3:06 PM
I've been browsing the end user view of, and some of the data is really out of date. For example, for this restaurant – – the first review is from "about 9 years ago."

Is there a way to restrict the user-generated data (ratings, user_review_count) to a reasonable time period (like, no more than 2 years old)?
Re: Data "freshness" Kin Lane - CityGrid 3/5/12 3:08 PM
Hi Jenn,

Definitely each listing will have different amounts older / new
listings as we get our data from many providers.

Using the CityGrid Reviews API (
) one of the
properties you can pass in is "days", which is the maximum age in days
for the reviews.  For example, supplying 14 will restrict the results
to reviews which have been posted within the last 14 days.

Hope that helps gets the results your looking for.

Kin Lane