[kernel] 3.2 might be a new LTS-Kernel

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[kernel] 3.2 might be a new LTS-Kernel Phil Miller 12/27/11 11:17 AM
Ubuntu 12.04 is tagged as an LTS-Release and it will be shipped with linux-3.2
series. So I'm about to go for another kernel update. Greg Kroah-Hartman
maintains all point-releases when Linus did his work. Greg works for Suse.

With 3.1 series I joined normal upstream patches by Greg with some Fedora
patches. Fedora backports lots of linux 3.2 stuff lately.

So I'm open what we will do with our linux-pkg and how we want to do it.

Best suggestion by me would be:

* stable-point-release patch by Greg
* stable-upstream patches by Greg
* tomoyo 2.5 patch by me
* acerhk patch by me
* rework-aspm-disable-code.patch if still needed
* usb-add-quirk-for-other-webcams.patch if still needed
* arch-patches if needed
* aufs3 patches
* Jordi Pujol's overlayfs

I'm open for suggestions.


Re: [chakra-devel] [kernel] 3.2 might be a new LTS-Kernel Phil Miller 1/4/12 11:14 PM
Linus Torvalds officially christened the Linux 3.2 kernel on Wednesday

The Linux 3.2 kernel holds a lot in store, but this release announcement isn't
particularly exciting by Torvalds this time around. The 3.2 release was held
off for a few days due to the holidays and then addressing some last minute
issues by developers. "Still, there's not a whole lot of changes since -rc7
(shortlog appended), and almost all of them are *tiny*. So despite the few
annoying last-minute reverts, I'm feeling pretty happy about it."

Among the changes for the Linux 3.2 kernel are the introduction of the Samsung
Exynos driver, the VMware graphics driver is out of staging, lots of staging
changes, Intel / Radeon / Nouveau DRM updates, and some pretty beefy Btrfs
file-system changes, among other work.

The Linux 3.2 kernel is what will be used by Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, among other
upcoming Linux distributions.

So my question is: Do we play with linux 3.2 or wait for a point release,
which I would prefer. Test 3.1.7-build first and if that one is in testing I
can use staging for linux 3.2 series.



Re: [chakra-devel] [kernel] 3.2 might be a new LTS-Kernel Anke Boersma 1/5/12 5:28 AM
My opinion, wait for at least 3.2.2 before ever building it for any Chakra repo (staging included).
I've been running 3.2 Rc 6 & 7 for a while, and one user with wifi issues runs the same build, no fixes.  Let's wait for upstream reports what (or if) the regressions are.


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Re: [chakra-devel] [kernel] 3.2 might be a new LTS-Kernel shainer 1/5/12 5:54 AM
I agree with both, let's wait some time :)


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Re: [chakra-devel] [kernel] 3.2 might be a new LTS-Kernel Phil Miller 1/6/12 3:10 PM
First regressions found in 3.2. This time it concerns Intel HW: