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Oxford English Dictionary News Bernie 5/6/04 2:29 PM
1. The OED on CD version 3.0 (the latest version) can be made to run on a
Mac. Since Version 1.0 the OED on CD has not been available with a MAC
version and some of those who tried to get it to work on a Mac invested lots
of effort and did not succeed.

However, two of my customers have told me that were able to the get OED
version 3.0 to run on a Mac using Microsoft's Virtual PC product. In fact
they both told me they got it to work without any special settings and the
installation was easy. The OED on CD is available at e Learn aid for $200.00
for more information go to http://www.elearnaid.com/oedoxendicse.html

Many would like the OED on CD to run on a MAC without PC emulation but so
far Oxford has showed no interest in this.

2. The price is going up on the OED 20 volume set. Last fall Oxford USA
reduced the price of the OED in the 20 volume printed format to $895.00. At
this price the OED was so popular that they sold out in December and more
had to be printed. However, Oxford continued to offer the OED in the 20
volume format at the $895.00 list price. A British Pound Sterling now costs
$1.79 and has been as high as $1.89 recently and a year ago the price of the
British Pound Sterling was about $1.60 so it is not that Oxford would have
to raise the price on books published in England. What is surprising is just
how much they are raising the price from $895 to $1,500 or $605. This new
price goes into effect 1 June. In the mean time you can buy the 20 volume
set for $800.00 with free shipping at