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XSockets.NET v5 is on the way XSockets.NET Developer forum 6/26/15
XSockets Virtual Academy XSockets.NET Developer forum 11/19/14
RULES OF THE FORUM XSockets.NET Developer forum 4/20/14
How can XSockets Version 5 be run as a service Ben Levy 10/7/15
SSL / TLS Validation Danny Meier 10/7/15
Add the XSockets package to Bower or NPM? Jan de Vries 9/30/15
Saving WebRTC video stream on the server Karl S 8/29/15
DDP - Distributed Data Protocol JM 8/24/15
Suggestion: use SocketAsyncEventArgs for underlying sockets Jack Hu 8/24/15
Connection reliability / recovery Maarten88 8/23/15
XSockets.Fallback for version 5 RC Maarten88 8/18/15
There is no documentation to enable the events for webRTC. is there any sample where the subscription as well as the peer events are shown.. Srivishnu Pasumarthy 8/16/15
On Error not called when invoking server method (throws exception in try-catch with this.HandleError ) Blażej Szajrych 8/9/15
WebRTC demo adapted does not show streamed video to peer Rob Schoenaker 8/7/15
Help with Custom Protocol Scott Carter 8/6/15
Unable to Register Lambo Jayapalan 7/23/15
Does XSockets.NET fit for my needs? Mind Breaker 7/17/15
Deploying Demo to IIS Michael Leitao 7/8/15
Cross-Platform Video Conferencing Dean Martin 7/5/15
Creating a subscription message and ping/pong from a custom protocol Niklas 7/1/15
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