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xCoba MetricCompute issues Jolyon Bloomfield 8/25/16
Cannot compute the Hodge dual of 1 Fernando Saldanha 8/25/16
Help files won't load in Mathematica 11 Bill N 8/24/16
Perturbation around Minkowski spacetime Vahid Nikoofard 8/18/16
Ricci Scalar in three dimension Nazari 8/10/16
InducedRicci and InducedRiemann zhr moulaei 8/8/16
In section 7.8. Induced metrics zhr moulaei 8/5/16
sign convention about 7.8. Induced metrics zhr moulaei 8/3/16
7.8. Induced metrics zhr moulaei 7/30/16
RemoveTensorWrapper Sergio González 7/29/16
ADM decomposition zhr moulaei 7/29/16
Calculating e.g. Euler density or Riemann tensor's square for a given metric using xAct package Debajyoti Sarkar 7/29/16
error when using `FlatMetric->True` with xTras Daniel Mahler 7/27/16
Charts and Hodge star Marc 7/22/16
How to get components of an arbitrary defined tensor field in xCoba Amir Hadi Ziaie 7/19/16
How To define the values of a third rank tensor in xCoba Amir Hadi Ziaie 7/18/16
split indices on a manifold gsfgn...@gmail.com 7/12/16
non ToCanonical LCB 7/8/16
Local Tetrads in Kerr Geometry hannu...@phy.cuhk.edu.hk 7/3/16
Why "SameDummies" does not work in this case? Behnoush Khavari 6/21/16
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