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Charts and Hodge star Marc 7/22/16
How to get components of an arbitrary defined tensor field in xCoba Amir Hadi Ziaie 7/19/16
How To define the values of a third rank tensor in xCoba Amir Hadi Ziaie 7/18/16
split indices on a manifold gsfgn...@gmail.com 7/12/16
non ToCanonical LCB 7/8/16
Local Tetrads in Kerr Geometry hannu...@phy.cuhk.edu.hk 7/3/16
error when using `FlatMetric->True` with xTras Daniel Mahler 6/22/16
Why "SameDummies" does not work in this case? Behnoush Khavari 6/21/16
RemoveTensorWrapper Sergio González 6/19/16
Express in values, the action of Covariant derivative on a scalar field. Jaswin Kasi 6/8/16
xPand: how does the tiltspecification option work? Marco Letizia 6/7/16
How to define two distinct partial derivative operators on two different 1-dimensional submanifolds? Behnoush Khavari 6/6/16
A Problem with CollectTensors ste...@web.de 5/31/16
Possible bug with IndexCoefficient AH 5/27/16
Christoffel symbols evaluate to zero Zach Elgood 5/27/16
Levi-Civita tensor in tensor definitions Zach Elgood 5/26/16
Computation of very long expressions with xCoba adam 5/19/16
A problem about install xAct(libML64i3.so: undefined reference to `shm_unlink' and 'shm_open') 12066...@qq.com 5/18/16
a Bug with Gdelta ste...@web.de 5/17/16
Package Conflict Nathan Moynihan 5/16/16
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