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xPrint version 1.4 released magma 4/18/15
Riemann Simplification issue Sergio González 4/15/15
problems running xact in linux Edu Serna 4/9/15
using Antisymmetrize inside IndexSetDelayed Daniel Mahler 4/6/15
What is needed to get xAct to see the Invar database Daniel Mahler 3/27/15
Conmuting derivatives and truncating series Mario Herrero Valea 3/26/15
Tensor calculus in Elasticity Vincenzo Tibullo 3/19/15
Strange error possibly related to the Invar database Daniel Mahler 3/15/15
add to help PH M 2/24/15
Tree-level scattering diagram David Woodward 2/22/15
Second order perturbation R^4 Marco Letizia 2/16/15
Reducing computation time? Mario Herrero Valea 2/11/15
Problems deriving the action for cosmological perturbations using xPand Paul Mezgolits 1/30/15
How to define the Energy-Momentum tensor in xCoba? Pereira 1/21/15
help with Detg[] Ghazal G 1/21/15
Riemann tensors and antisymmetrized double derivatives Daniel Mahler 1/13/15
dimension dependent identities Daniel Mahler 1/13/15
vielbein and spin connection binata...@gmail.com 1/12/15
How do I install the xAct package in Mathematica Online? Stephen Pink 12/29/14
torsion freeness of CovD Daniel Mahler 12/15/14
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