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Issue - Running SeparateMetric using a frozen metric, gives a different result than using the active (first) metric BillN 11:54 AM
Issue - xAct confusion between partial derivatives and curvatureless/torsionless covariant derivatives BillN 11:51 AM
Replicating ToCanonical see-saw spinors for SU(4) IN 8:50 AM
Choice of indices for MakeRule Sergio González 8:41 AM
How to fix errors like (ParallelCombine::nopar&General::stop) Ali rezaie 8:11 AM
Enforce contraction on a particular tensor while UseMetricOnVBundle -> None ? BN 7:22 AM
Strange simplification with partial derivatives of Christoffels AH 2/18/18
Parenthesis in expressions do not go away after Expand BN 2/17/18
No symbols in output Adrià delhom i latorre 2/16/18
a problem with CTensor Mohammad Hassan Vahidinia 2/9/18
RE: [xAct: 2118] Is ExpressionManipulation still used? Does it work with several other packages loaded? Jose 2/6/18
Can I rewrite the 4-D covariant derivative using the induced 3-D covariant ? adsense yanyue 1/30/18
xCoba does not calculate tensors with MetricCompute Albin Nilsson 1/26/18
xTras link not working (on xAct Home page) BillN 1/12/18
Mathematica 11.1 Norbert Van den Bergh 1/12/18
Variation with respect to tetrad Amir Hadi Ziaie 12/21/17
Problem calculating quadratic action around Minkowski Andrew Coates 12/14/17
What is needed to get xAct to see the Invar database Daniel Mahler 12/12/17
Splitting Perturbation from a Lagrangian charles mazuet 12/11/17
Reparametrization and Weyl invariance of Conformal Gravity at cubic order SN 12/6/17
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