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Confusing behavior of spinor Pan Kessel 5/26/17
3+1 Split and ADM Leonardo Motta 5/24/17
How to define a minimally coupled gauge covariant derivative? Alejo Hernandez 5/23/17
Mathematica 11.1 Norbert Van den Bergh 5/15/17
xCoba - Differences between DefTensor and CTensor approach Alejo Hernandez 5/11/17
Is there a built in way to assign values to scalar products in xTensor? IN 5/5/17
What is the meaning of 'signdet' in DefMetric ? 文心 5/3/17
Problem with display of result by using xCoba 雷扬 4/17/17
Solving differential equations with xCoba expressions Lukas Wutschitz 4/10/17
Specifying a non-generic mapping between manifolds Francesco Torsello 4/5/17
Commute 3 partial derivatives Asanka Amarasinghe 4/3/17
installing xAct on mathematica version10.1 banafshe....@gmail.com 3/27/17
Symmetry of The Levi-Civita Tensor with Partial Derivatives Alejandro Guarnizo Trilleras 3/14/17
Updated TexAct TB 3/8/17
Repeated Dummy Index Arash Yunesi 3/5/17
Improved canonicalization algorithm Ben Niehoff 2/28/17
Triple Graviton Vertex problem Arash Yunesi 2/26/17
Hiding the output of xact commands. cjlon...@sheffield.ac.uk 2/25/17
Conformal factors in xPand Tom Zlosnik 2/20/17
installation difficulties (Mathematica 11.0, Windows 10) Grigalius Taujanskas 2/20/17
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