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Grassman valued spinors..? Louise Anderson 7/19/17
Perturbation around a given background (FLRW) NUR JAMAN 7/13/17
How to simplify the equation of motion for the electromagnetic field ? Meng-Sen Ma 7/7/17
How to convert Xtensor codes into Maple classics worksheet ones? Amir Hadi Ziaie 7/7/17
Problem calculating quadratic action around Minkowski Andrew Coates 6/28/17
installation difficulties (Mathematica 11.0, Windows 10) Grigalius Taujanskas 6/27/17
Changing a (0,0)-tensor to a scalar function for numerical solutions Tucker Manton 6/12/17
Quick question about defining Levi-Civita symbol in CTensor approach 雷扬 6/11/17
Problem with the epsilon tensor in xTensor: getting a suspect result from the variational derivative with respect to the metric Giulia Pagano 6/9/17
Non-abelian gauge fields with xTensor? Giulia Pagano 6/9/17
(Fwd From M MacCallum) Request for references on use of computer algebra Leo C. Stein 6/6/17
non-commutative products in Xact Ahmed Youssef 6/5/17
Ordering and assumptions in wedge products g.lomo...@gmail.com 6/1/17
Questions about the xPand package François Rose 5/31/17
Confusing behavior of spinor Pan Kessel 5/31/17
3+1 Split and ADM Leonardo Motta 5/24/17
How to define a minimally coupled gauge covariant derivative? Alejo Hernandez 5/23/17
Mathematica 11.1 Norbert Van den Bergh 5/15/17
xCoba - Differences between DefTensor and CTensor approach Alejo Hernandez 5/11/17
Is there a built in way to assign values to scalar products in xTensor? IN 5/5/17
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