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Variation of an action with Gauge Indices Alejandro Guarnizo Trilleras 11/26/16
Connection to external MinGW executable failed & request for a Mathlink nick 11/20/16
Help files won't load in Mathematica 11 Bill N 11/7/16
define the perturbation to the metric as g_ {ab} = n_ {ab} + {ab} H_ alpha phi -alpha n_ {ab} arest...@gmail.com 11/6/16
Change notation Diego Fernando López Restrepo 11/4/16
xAct execution problems (windows, Mathematica 10.0) nick 11/4/16
TexAct: problem with indices Johannes 11/3/16
Piecewise function metric calcuation amir arqand 11/2/16
Using TraceDummy Partha Mukhopadhyay 11/2/16
Define two different metrics on the same manifold Bogdan Ganchev 10/26/16
Writing a particular vector equation for a given metric Debajyoti Sarkar 10/25/16
How to use right-invariant 1-forms? Ben Niehoff 10/13/16
How to calculate the Norm of a vector in xAct Ji Zhang 10/13/16
ToCanonical adding Scalar head on the square of a 0-rank tensor only when it is derived by a parameter Tanguy Marchand 10/8/16
xact & student or home editions of Mathematica simonj....@gmail.com 10/6/16
Avoid covariant indices in the Levi-Civita Tensor Alejandro Guarnizo Trilleras 10/5/16
How to ignore "inhomogeneous indices" in MakeRule? KM 10/5/16
Contraction with delta[-a,-b] Sergei Savin 10/3/16
Expanding the Einstein Tensor into Christoffels saffe...@gmail.com 9/30/16
Generating tensor indices depending on a parameter Sergei Savin 9/27/16
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