xAct Tensor Computer Algebra

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Indices not displayed properly Riccardo P 9/17/17
xCoba: applying two metrics, ToBasis and ToValues in a notebook? Purnendu Karmakar 9/11/17
Scalar field equation in the form of the Current, J^\mu Purnendu Karmakar 9/11/17
xCoba Problem: Covariant derivatives of scalar field Purnendu Karmakar 9/11/17
Problem in Sorting CovDs NUR JAMAN 9/2/17
problem in contracting with metric in makerule NUR JAMAN 8/31/17
How to simplify the equation of motion for the electromagnetic field ? Meng-Sen Ma 8/25/17
Can not UndefManifold on complex manifold Leo C. Stein 8/16/17
GR tensors miliosan 8/16/17
Mathematica 11.1 Norbert Van den Bergh 8/15/17
Change the metric signature of the metric in xPand François Rose 8/14/17
problems running xact in linux Edu Serna 8/13/17
Disformal transformal transformation using xact NUR JAMAN 8/13/17
Issues with equations derived in the PublicNPGHP.nb file? Sid 8/9/17
Exterior derivative and complex-valued forms g.lomo...@gmail.com 7/25/17
Grassman valued spinors..? Louise Anderson 7/19/17
Perturbation around a given background (FLRW) NUR JAMAN 7/13/17
How to convert Xtensor codes into Maple classics worksheet ones? Amir Hadi Ziaie 7/7/17
Problem calculating quadratic action around Minkowski Andrew Coates 6/28/17
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