xAct Tensor Computer Algebra

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Fefferman-Gramah expansion Giorgos Anastasiou 2/1/16
very basic Q MiLi 1/28/16
RE: [xAct: 1673] Independent tensors Jose 1/25/16
Expanding products of Riemann Tensors Nathan Moynihan 1/25/16
Gauge Fixing in xPert Nathan Moynihan 1/24/16
How to define a vector/tensor in xCoba Mario Galante 1/24/16
Rescale Metric Nathan Moynihan 1/24/16
Gamma matrices algebra Gaurav Narain 1/23/16
Metric in ADM form Ramkishor Sharma 1/22/16
Grassman valued spinors..? Louise Anderson 1/22/16
Bug in CTensor Alfonso Jacinto García Parrado Gómez Lobo 1/14/16
delta ste...@web.de 1/12/16
What is needed to get xAct to see the Invar database Daniel Mahler 1/12/16
How may I define symmetries in CTensors? Trying to interlace xTensor and CTensor othootho...@gmail.com 1/12/16
How can I view only the tensor part in perturbed i-i equation jo...@iisertvm.ac.in 12/10/15
An question about VarD chandra 12/7/15
Antisymmetric Covariant Derivatives to Curvature Tensors ste...@web.de 12/7/15
Lower/Raise all indices Frank 12/3/15
Strange non-vanishing higher order terms in the perturbation of a metric determinat Young-Hwan Hyun 11/23/15
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