xAct Tensor Computer Algebra

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simplifying total derivatives apt45 4/11/18
AllContractions expected time apt45 3/29/18
Can't find the Schwarzschild.nb referenced in xCobaDoc.nb BillN 3/27/18
How can I see the "Notes for a course on xTensor,, held in Paris in April 2009"? How can I have permission to access? DiegoCP 3/26/18
xAct communication and working examples. Cyril Pitrou 3/25/18
Printing/Showing elements of tensors Tucker Manton 3/24/18
Strange behaviour of SeparateMetric Markus B. Fröb 3/24/18
Simplifing sum of equal contracted tensors with different dummy indexes apt45 3/23/18
Issue - xAct confusion between partial derivatives and curvatureless/torsionless covariant derivatives BillN 3/22/18
Bug Report: CTensor SetCMetric error when using xPrint BillN 3/18/18
Bug report: xTras ComputeBasisValues not working with xCoba 0.8.4 magma 3/8/18
How to make ParamD to commute with partial derivative? Júnior Diniz Toniato 3/7/18
xAct 1.1.3 released Jose 3/7/18
signs of Riemann and Ricci tensors in xPert Leslaw Rachwal 3/2/18
Mangled output problems Jacob Oost 2/27/18
Parallelization with xAct Edu Serna 2/26/18
How to get xCoba to compute concrete metric components in different bases Daniel Mahler 2/25/18
Bug in calculation of epsilon tensor of metric in CTensor Leo C. Stein 2/25/18
Is there a way to turn off automatic use of the delta tensor for the mixed indice forms of the metric? BillN 2/25/18
Partial derivative in xTensor Stephanie Baines 2/23/18
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