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Splitting Perturbation from a Lagrangian charles mazuet 10:00 AM
Reparametrization and Weyl invariance of Conformal Gravity at cubic order SN 12/6/17
RicciSign in RiemannToWeyl and WeylToRiemann Leslaw Rachwal 12/3/17
Vectors in xPand Mohammad-Hossein Abbassi 12/2/17
How to work SortCovDsToBox then !!! Ali rezaie 12/1/17
DefProduct, scalars and constant symbols Mario Herrero Valea 12/1/17
Save the computations of "MetricCompute" ghadir jafari 11/22/17
Using of AutomaticRules for Transversality Ali rezaie 11/21/17
AutomaticRules for traceless tensor Albin Nilsson 11/9/17
Explicit Ricci scalar perturbation with xCoba, xPert Fiona McCarthy 11/8/17
Problem in AllContractions Ali rezaie 11/1/17
Problem with loading the site xAct.es TheThrasher92 10/31/17
How to remove rather complicated parallel derivatives in ToValues-output ? Wouter 10/30/17
Problem with installation Ali rezaie 10/28/17
How to do a variational derivative. TheInvoker 10/19/17
On the epsilon Pedram Karimi 10/14/17
Rules for tensor components Albin Nilsson 10/12/17
Problem with display of result by using xCoba 雷扬 10/11/17
Mangled output problems Jacob Oost 10/10/17
Scalar function with more than one variable(Galileon theory) NUR JAMAN 9/24/17
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