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problem with join XAct packages in mathematica 9 in windowse XP kaluza klein 9:10 AM
are xTras and xPrint compatible? Chris Chiasson 7:43 AM
XCoba do not compute Riemann tensor Tommaso De Lorenzo 7/2/15
problems running xact in linux Edu Serna 6/24/15
How to define Vierbein using xCoba Dat Nguyen 6/24/15
On boundary terms from variational derivatives Leo Stein 6/14/15
xPand: Christoffel tarek.g...@gmail.com 6/11/15
The connection variation with XTrash Halil Kuyrukcu 6/7/15
How to get xCoba to compute concrete metric components in different bases Daniel Mahler 6/6/15
Is it possible to do Frefferman-Graham expansion calculation by xact? 雷扬 5/23/15
How to use mappings Daniel Mahler 5/22/15
Index splitting in a metric AF 5/18/15
infinitesimal Conformal Transformation AF 5/18/15
Decomposition of tensors with xAct ma_fede 5/15/15
issue loading xPrint Zach Elgood 5/13/15
Bug in calculation of epsilon tensor of metric in CTensor Leo Stein 5/11/15
meaning of DefCovD with a VBundle parameter Daniel Mahler 5/11/15
An important question of variation of tensor fields Amir Hadi Ziaie 5/7/15
Moving between XTensor and CTensor Rhiannon Gwyn 5/6/15
Laplace operator fatsc...@gmail.com 4/26/15
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