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Recruiting Congressional Innovation Fellows through 9/30 Travis Moore 9/23/16
Half of U.S. Cabinet agencies fail to comply with Open Government Directive Alexander Howard 9/20/16
Double Exposure investigative film festival in Washington Patrice McDermott 9/18/16
RE: 2016 Open Government Guidance Zarek, Corinna J. EOP/OSTP 9/9/16
State Department Live Discussion of proposed Open Government Plan on Thursday, September 1 at 2pm M. Andre Goodfriend 8/30/16
#OpenDOT Twitter Chat on their OpenGov Plan (Monday 3:00 pm ET) Stephen Buckley 8/30/16
Re: Abridged summary of - 2 updates in 1 topic Alexander Howard 8/26/16
email address for comments about the State Department's Open Government Plan - M. Andre Goodfriend 8/26/16
RE: Open Gov Plan Consultation Session Zarek, Corinna J. EOP/OSTP 8/25/16
Public participation regarding Open Government Plan updates: Which agencies are consulting? Tim Bonnemann 8/23/16
U.S. Department of State hosts online discussion of its proposed Open Government Plan initiatives M. Andre Goodfriend 8/19/16
Open Government + Public Participation cases justin.herman 8/19/16
Fwd: Open Data + Public Participation cases justin.herman 8/12/16
RE: 2016 Open Government Guidance Zarek, Corinna J. EOP/OSTP 8/4/16
Solar:Saving:32HrsJob:Time:Political(OpenGov)Scientific(Crowdsourcing)Eco(Crowdfunding)PARTICIPATION Principles, Visions, Ideas 7/19/16
FOIA Advisory Committee Meeting: July 21 Amy Bennett 7/15/16
2016 Open Government Guidance Zarek, Corinna J. EOP/OSTP 7/14/16
Leadership in Government Fellowships | Open Society Foundations (OSF) Patrice McDermott 7/7/16
RSVP to attend June 23 public meeting of the Public Interest Declassification Board (PIDB) meredith.stewart 6/6/16
Recap: May Open Gov Working Group meeting meredith.stewart 5/26/16
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