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Release plugin-profiles 1.0.9 Simon Schäfer 3/25/15
Build failed during first run Wieslaw Popielarski 3/24/15
Organize imports is crazy Jerzy Müller 3/23/15
Assembla cleanup Simon Schäfer 3/16/15
Race condition detected from 'org.scalaide.ui.internal.editor.decorators.bynameparams.CallByNameParamAtCreationPresenter' Jerzy Müller 3/11/15
sbt integration reloaded Simon Schäfer 3/5/15
Scala IDE 4.0.0 with Scala 2.10.5 and Scala 2.11.6 Luc Bourlier 3/4/15
Recursive val in worksheets Cay Horstmann 2/26/15
ClassNotFoundException when akka is on plugin classpath Simon Schäfer 2/18/15
Create Eclipse bundles by sbt Simon Schäfer 2/13/15
How to build Scala IDE master using Scala 2.10.4? Jerzy Müller 2/11/15
Auto edits Simon Schäfer 2/10/15
Error why trying to run test Jerzy Müller 1/26/15
Various issues with "Organize Imports" Matthias Langer 1/14/15
Scala IDE 4.0.0 on Scala 2.11.5 staged Luc Bourlier 1/13/15
scalariform zombieware? Sam Halliday 1/13/15
Why do we need our own sbt snapshots? Simon Schäfer 1/12/15
#1002340 Show semantic highlighting for call-by-name parameters at their creation & Bracket Expression Beautifier Matthias Langer 1/9/15
Scala-IDE with locally built refactoring library Matthias Langer 1/9/15
Building scalatest-eclipse-plugin Matthias Langer 1/6/15
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