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Scala IDE 4.2.0-vfinal is out! Scala IDE 10/2/15
the Scalariform zombie Sam Halliday 9/29/15
How to get a parsed tree? Andrey Ilinykh 9/28/15
Scala IDE 4.2-RC3 is out! Scala IDE 9/17/15
Scala main thread hanging when using third party lib t4xmlrpc and SCALA IDE Nyze1984 9/16/15
Scala IDE 4.2-RC2 is out! Scala IDE 9/2/15
Is it possible to watch assembla tickets for free? Andrey Ilinykh 9/1/15
Scala IDE 4.2-RC1 is out! Scala IDE 8/20/15
Re: [scala-ide-dev] Has anybody experienced build errors in Eclipse because of CompilationUnitAdapter.getAdapter() ? Iulian Dragos 8/12/15
[scala-ide-dev] CompilationUnitAdapter.getAdapter()-related errors in Scala IDE, not while compiling with ./ Andrew Zabavnikov 8/5/15
Scala IDE 4.1.1 has been released Scala IDE 7/28/15
Scala IDE 4.1 on Scala 2.11.7 has been released Scala IDE 7/7/15
Re: [scala-ide-user] Scaladoc auto-generation Mirco Dotta 6/27/15
Feature Request Roberto Leibman 5/27/15
Scala IDE 4.1 final has been released Scala IDE 5/25/15
SBT Build Support virtualeyes 5/25/15
Trying to complete first ticket. (1002430) Lance Finfrock 5/23/15
Scala IDE 4.1-RC2 is out! Scala IDE 5/20/15
Unable to build org.scala-ide.sdt.aspects Александр Гурьянов 5/12/15
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