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When's new Scala IDE for 2.12? Daniel Davis 4/10/17
Scala IDE 4.5.0-vfinal is out! Scala IDE 12/14/16
Scala IDE 4.5-RC1 is out! Scala IDE 12/5/16
stack trace building the compiler bridge Stephen Haberman 10/15/16
Scala IDE Perspective Icon. Renato Perini 8/10/16
Single test option not available Branden Visser 6/29/16
How to pass command line input in Gatling using Scala script? pandya ronak 6/24/16
Scala IDE 4.4.1-vfinal is out! Scala IDE 5/5/16
Scala IDE 4.4.0-vfinal is out! Scala IDE 4/1/16
Scala IDE 4.4-RC2 is out! Scala IDE 3/25/16
Scala IDE 4.4-RC1 is out! Scala IDE 3/10/16
Re: [scala-ide-dev] Cannot run single scalatest test over JUnit Simon Schäfer 1/16/16
Scala plugin disables Java auto-complete? Greg Brown 12/26/15
Making a project depend on another project Rich Oliver 12/25/15
java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException: null when running single scala file with JUnit Scalatest class Sergey Alaev 12/23/15
Scala IDE 4.3.0-vfinal is out! Scala IDE 12/1/15
Scala IDE 4.3-RC1 is out! Scala IDE 11/20/15
the new outline view Iulian Dragos 11/20/15
latest scala search version is not available Andrey Ilinykh 11/19/15
Migrate Issue Tracker Iulian Dragos 11/3/15
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