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document Paley construction & special matrices mforets 7:34 AM
Sage 7.5 for Windows? Eric Gourgoulhon 7:12 AM
Improvements to the 'Structures in Coding Theory' thematic tutorial 5:27 AM
Failed transition from 8.0.beta2 to 8.0.beta3 tdumont 12:04 AM
RR, coercion of numpy.float32() and clang - coercion experts needed Dima Pasechnik 4/22/17
Trac slow Erik Bray 4/22/17
Sage on Cygwin status update Erik Bray 4/22/17
can't upload slides of SageDays86 on the wiki Sébastien Labbé 4/21/17
SageNB -> Jupyter conversion needs testers Jeroen Demeyer 4/21/17
How about moving the AUTHORS section to the last? Kwankyu Lee 4/21/17
ulimit issues and IPython 5.0 Enrique Artal 4/20/17
first python3 build of sage Frédéric Chapoton 4/20/17
openblas error while building Sage on Mac OSX 10.9 Anna Haensch 4/19/17
sage.misc.package considered harmful François 4/18/17
Using Eclipse as an IDE to edit / run Sage scripts Maxie Schmidt 4/17/17
Name symbolic expressions Aidan 4/16/17
add one extra example for integration? mforets 4/16/17
Sage Math on Thingiverse kcrisman 4/15/17
cannot recover password on ask.sagemath David Coudert 4/15/17
qepcad doctest error vdelecroix 4/13/17
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