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docstring and lazyimport Martin R 11:12 PM
ecm failed to build Jan Groenewald 7:16 AM
Sort ambient spaces by inner product as well? Simon Brandhorst 7:10 AM
Should parent(x) call x.parent()? Jeroen Demeyer 6:25 AM
Including 64-bit-only code in Sage Kiran Kedlaya 2:45 AM
Consider not upgrading to Xcode 9.0 John H Palmieri 9/20/17
WeylGroup implementation incompatibility Stefan Witzel 9/20/17
proposal: remove libogg and libtheora completely from sage Maarten Derickx 9/20/17
How to configure default mathjax rendering method in jupyter notebook Jan Groenewald 9/20/17
help needed with git schlamassel Martin R 9/19/17
loading ipython at (Sage) python prompt (for debugging) Dima Pasechnik 9/19/17
Signs and graded algebras John H Palmieri 9/19/17
proposal: downgrade libtheora to experimental package Maarten Derickx 9/19/17
groebner walk Ralf Hemmecke 9/19/17
SageNB, publishing and error 500 Jori Mäntysalo 9/19/17
Faster way to load python code Simon King 9/19/17
Security in sage (was How much do we support optional packages) Maarten Derickx 9/18/17
12 month Research Software Engineer position at the Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique, Paris Sud: parallelisation, optimization and packaging Nicolas M. Thiéry 9/18/17
yet another sage-python performance puzzle Martin R 9/18/17
trying to speed up construction of sets in setpartition Martin R 9/18/17
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