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Welcome to the New England, Unpaved group! We're about cycling off the blacktop: dirt roads, trails, etc. 

If you don't mind, please sign your posts with your locality—just because it's nice to know, right? For example: Jon, Watertown, MA

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Routes Thread Jon 3/5/14
A ride on Green River Road Rod Holland 10/24/17
Detour de Connecticut, back for its 7th year -- 50% dirt for 118 miles Justin Eichenlaub 8/16/17
Dirigo Dynamo 2017 Brian Postlewaite 7/10/17
Is this Summer? Or extended Mud Season? Rod Holland 7/7/17
Farmers Daughter Gravel Mike Beganyi 5/22/17
New-to-me maps Jon 5/19/17
Valley Cat North/West Boston Brian Postlewaite 5/19/17
ValleyCat MA: Hold that Date Brian Postlewaite 4/5/17
2017 New England Dirt Road Events Andy G 4/3/17
Stowe Gravel Worlds - Group ride John Spinney, Waterbury, Vermont 10/2/16
Semi-Dirt ride this weekend in Montpelier, VT Jake 9/19/16
Anyone riding Kearsarge Klassic - Sat Sep 10, 2016? Lenny Rosenfeld 9/6/16
See you at the VT Overland! Daniel Jackson 8/25/16
Vermont, Unpaved Weekly Daniel Jackson 7/20/16
Dirigo Dynamo 2016 Brian Postlewaite 7/11/16
Pingree Farm Road Rod Holland 7/2/16
A mostly-dirt ramble through Concord and Carlisle Rod Holland 6/27/16
Tour de Heifer on Sunday Steve Park 6/6/16
Cabot Ride the Ridges 100k Sept 11, 2016 Steve Park 6/6/16
Fwd: Raid Rockingham Early Packet Pick0up! Andy G 6/2/16
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