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Press Release: 57% of total income of 5 National Parties during FY 2013-14 was from sale of coupons; Donations formed 22% of the income of the parties; BJP is yet to submit its report to the ECI adr india 8/17/15
Press Release: SC accepts ADR’s plea to bring Political Parties under RTI, sends notices to National parties, Centre and ECI adr india 7/8/15
Press Release: National and Regional Recognised Parties are equal defaulters in submitting expenditure statements for Assembly Elections adr india 6/23/15
Press Release: ADR urges Maharashtra Cabinet to repeal the amendment to the CrPC adr india 6/17/15
Press Release: ADR files plea in SC to bring political parties under RTI adr india 5/20/15
Press Release: 124 (59%) out of 211 sitting MPs of Rajya Sabha have declared that they have no pecuniary or financial interests as per the Register of Members' Interest. ​ADR/NEW appeal to the PM and the speaker of Lok Sabha to instate a Register of Members' Interest in Lok Sabha. adr india 4/20/15
Press Release: During Delhi Assembly Elections, 2013, AAP declared collecting 91% of total funds collected by all National and Regional Parties together; AAP's expenditure was 60% of total expenditure declared by all National and Regional Parties together adr india 4/16/15
Press Release: 11th Annual National Conference on Electoral and Political Reforms (Day 1) adr india 3/21/15
Press Release: CIC concedes to the non-compliance by the Political Parties: ADR to file a petition in a Court of Law adr india 3/17/15
Invite to the 11th National Conference on Electoral and Political Reforms, 21st and 22nd March, 2015, Kolkata, West Bengal adr india 3/15/15
Press Release: During Lok Sabha elections, between Lok Sabha 2004 and 2014 elections, funds collected by National Parties increased by 418% and their expenditure increased by 386%; National Parties' tottal funds collected during Lok Sabha 2014 was Rs 1158.59 cr and expenditure Rs 1308.75 cr adr india 3/2/15
Press Release: Donations above Rs 20,000 to BJP rose by 105% during FY 2013-14; 92% donations to BJP during FY 2013-14 were from business houses;donations from Delhi was the highest with Rs 45.21 cr adr india 2/23/15
ADR requests Chief Minister of Delhi to take cognizance of the findings of the ADR-Daksh Survey that captured the top 10 Governance Issues as perceived by the Delhi voters. adr india 2/16/15
Press Release: 24 (34%) out of 70 newly elected MLAs in the Delhi Assembly elections have declared criminal cases. 44 (63%) MLAs are crorepatis, Average Assets: Rs. 6.29 crores adr india 2/11/15
Press Release: Analysis of Contribution Report of Electoral Trusts for FY 2013-14 adr india 2/5/15
Press Release: 114 (17%) out of 673 candidates have declared criminal cases against themselves and ​230 (34%) candidates are crorepatis in the 2015 Delhi Assembly Elections. Average Assets per candidates: Rs. 3.32 crores adr india 1/30/15
Press Release: NEW, ADR receive ECI's prestigious ‘National CSO Award – 2015’ adr india 1/25/15
Only 9 out of 17 recognised parties submitted their Election Expenditure Statements for Delhi Assembly Elections-2013; BJP's expenditure statement unavailable; 9 Political parties declared an expenditure of Rs 281.27 lakhs during Delhi Elections-2013 adr india 1/15/15
Press Release: 25 (36%) out of 70 outgoing MLAs had declared criminal cases against themselves in 2013. The average assets per MLA was Rs. 10.83 crores adr india 1/13/15
Press Release: Political parties continue brazen defiance of CIC order; ADR seeks maximum penalty and compensation adr india 1/8/15
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