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My voice of dissent to transgressions in morals, ethics and value system at CIC New Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad. Please allow sometime for posts to appear on group page. Reciprocal blog located at

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Sticky : Introduction My Voice of Dissent 3/18/11
[Som] Discussion moving closer home Blogger 10/2/11
[Som] IIM-A students organize a candle-light procession in support of Anna Ha... Blogger 8/19/11
[Som] Brown Sahibs (“Macaulay's children”) of IIM Ahmedabad Blogger 8/13/11
[Som] Mr. Bhatt’s rejoinders to Prof. Barua, Director IIMA Blogger 8/5/11
[Som] We are world-class because we say so! Blogger 7/28/11
[Som] Key Paisa Bolta Hai – Part-1 (LTC) Blogger 5/7/11
LTC froud - I am agreed to many rip of report iimstaf55 4/23/11
[Som] Prof. Barua, Director IIMA, “Beating Around the Bush” Blogger 4/22/11
[Som] BoG inaction and email from Mr. Amitabh Thakur Blogger 4/17/11
Corporate Babudom is always in search of 'green fields' My Voice of Dissent 3/21/11
[Som] Conflicts of interest, Prejudiced administration and Non-existent vigil... Blogger 3/10/11
[Som] Letter to Director - “review of CVO appointment” Blogger 2/20/11
[Som] MUST-READ---> letter to CVO of IIM Ahmedabad Blogger 2/20/11
[Som] Allegations of corruption at IIM Ahmedabad Blogger 2/20/11
[Som] Appeal to the Whole Commission (CIC) Blogger 2/20/11
[Som] Rejection of review petition Blogger 2/19/11
[Som] Review petition and its rejection Blogger 2/17/11
[Som] Fake hearing by Shailesh Gandhi Blogger 2/17/11
Please spread word My Voice of Dissent 2/13/11
[Som] Dirty Documents on visit of IC Shailesh Gandhi Blogger 2/12/11
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