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App & Extension Plan Kaspar Emanuel 6/1/15
App & Extension Work Status Kaspar Emanuel 4/6/15
[other feedback request] Mooltipass Website! Mathieu Stephan 3/29/15
[Feedback request] Making sure the shipped device hasn't been tampered with during transport Mathieu Stephan 3/27/15
App & Extension work progress report Kaspar Emanuel 3/26/15
Mooltipass HID API amendment proposal Kaspar Emanuel 2/10/15
Work Summary & Objectives this Week Kaspar Emanuel 1/5/15
Offline mode Noah A 1/4/15
App v2 Quotation & Contract Kaspar Emanuel 12/17/14
JS Developer & Chrome Application v2 Mockups Kaspar Emanuel 12/17/14
Fwd: App v2 Quotation & Contract Kaspar Emanuel 12/16/14
Last try to hit slashdot? Please upvote! Mathieu Stephan 12/16/14
[Security] Can a compromised machine reprogram the mooltipass? Lyle 12/13/14
Picture of the passwrd generation gui? Frank Katzenberger 12/12/14
59 hours left on the clock! Mathieu Stephan 12/2/14
Report on Threat to Software Passwword Managers David Ehnebuske 11/23/14
Slashdot Article Submission Frank Katzenberger 11/20/14
Device name and ID in Windows Joep Hein 11/14/14
Basic authentication and OS system login Joep Hein 11/7/14
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