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How to pass an unqoted column name to another method? holger brandl 12/9/17
How to use quotation API to implement inplace mutate helper? holger brandl 12/7/17
SQL and R João Paulo Lemes Machado 11/16/17
distinct() on selected columns only? Thomas Hopper 11/14/17
Why does dplyr/tibble not merge factors with different levels? Benoit Daloze 10/23/17
summary subset matias.ledesmagelos 10/16/17
rename_at and select_at are missing in dplyr help docs Brent Brewington 9/23/17
cast strings to date - mutate and as.Date Geert Schneider 9/20/17
New RStudio discussion site Hadley Wickham 9/14/17
summarise_at using different functions for different variables David Epstein 9/13/17
setdiff() not working 9/1/17
map_dbl() vs c() for processing POSIX datetime's 8/18/17
What would cause inner_join_impl to thins a 'character' is a 'list' Steve Lianoglou 8/16/17
na.rm=TRUE not respected within summarize for some variables dha 2001 8/1/17
summarize_all() and approx() Sebastian Schubert 7/31/17
How can I use dplyr::left_join() in a custom function when the 'by' argument is part of the function arguments? umair durrani 7/24/17
elegant way to find-and-replace? Daniel Nidzgorski 7/21/17
select not working? Imanuel Costigan 7/10/17
Spread Multiple Columns Brandon Hurr 7/10/17
dplyr 0.7 in shiny apps: Will "_" versions of verbs really be removed from dplyr? Vincent 7/8/17
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