Lambda Luminaries

Welcome to Lambda Luminaries!

We are a bunch of Functional Programming enthusiasts in and around Pretoria, South Africa.
You don't have to be an expert to join us, you just need to be interested in what you read here:

We get together once a month (every second Monday of the month) to discuss functional programming concepts and languages e.g. Haskell, Erlang, Clojure etc.
We also like comparing these to other languages.

Our goal is to:

We primarily use this Google Group for announcements and discussions.
Please also see our:

Hope to see you at our next meetup!

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New Lambda Luminaries Sponsors: Pluralsight and JetBrains Andreas Pauley 4/1/14
Functional Programming at Tech4Africa Andreas Pauley 3/6/14 Mikkel Søgaard Christiansen 2/10/14
Monday 10 Feb: Arrows and Signal Functions by Dolan Paul Andreas Pauley 2/9/14
Lambda Luminaries in 2014 Andreas Pauley 1/29/14
Monday January 13th: Haskell Basics and Typeclassopedia Andreas Pauley 1/7/14
Random Hacks of Kindness - Pretoria (Nov 30, 2013 - Dec 1, 2013) Andreas Pauley 11/27/13
Fwd: Random Hacks of Kindness-Johannesburg (Nov 30, 2013 - Dec 1, 2013) Andreas Pauley 11/12/13
Tail recursion Schalk Heunis 9/27/13
Tech4Africa 9 October Andreas Pauley 9/27/13
Project Euler Mikkel Søgaard Christiansen 8/20/13
Monday 19 Aug: Haskell Lens and imperative programming Andreas Pauley 8/18/13
Fwd: Registration open for Richard Stallman & Software Freedom Day Schalk Heunis 8/15/13
Software Freedom Day 2013 - barcamp registration Schalk Heunis 8/15/13
Next week Monday 19 Aug: Haskell Lens and imperative programming Andreas Pauley 8/12/13
Monday 19h00: Type systems and Formal Logic - The Curry–Howard correspondence Andreas Pauley 7/7/13
Tonight 18h30 for 19h00: An Introduction to Lean. Lessons from Manufacturing Applied to Software Andreas Pauley 6/10/13
Talk by the Founder Institute Mikkel Søgaard Christiansen 5/25/13
Tonight at 19h00: A Completely Incomplete Introduction to Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem Andreas Pauley 5/14/13
[JOB] Scala contract, specifically looking for Play expertise Danie Roux 4/18/13
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