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Adding support for a new language Zaid Munir 6:00 PM
Haxe community and how to improve it Dmitry Hryppa 12:33 PM
PHP output to single file? Leff Ivanov 5:23 AM
Is there any way to have a typedef that still allows dynamic/custom fields? Jérémy Faivre 10/16/17
An automatically converted Spine runtime for Haxe Jérémy Faivre 10/16/17
Class with type parameters <K,V> with a Map<K,V> member? Benjamin Sinkula 10/15/17
How to minify the javascript output? HaxeIsGreat 10/13/17
cross platform app development r8c...@gmail.com 10/13/17
Has SourceMapContent disappeared? Benjamin Dasnois 10/12/17
Haxe debugging? HaxeIsGreat 10/11/17
Haxe 3.4.4 and Haxe 4.0 preview 2 are released Mark Knol 10/9/17
Haxe London Meet up - Modular Haxe JS with Webpack & Lix Haxe Package Manager gamesyso...@gamesys.co.uk 10/9/17
Getting all subclasses of a certain class in a macro Leonid Darovskikh 10/7/17
AS3 Conversion Stephane Le Dorze 10/5/17
Fwd: Hot List of R2Technologies raju bakrewar 10/4/17
C# target loading DLL -vscode hoseyhosey 9/29/17
Haxe Werkstudent in Berlin (Job offer) der Raab 9/29/17
Promise<Void> David Mouton 9/29/17
js externs default parameter vincent blanchet 9/28/17
hscript+ - hscript and classes Dlean Jeans 9/27/17
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