Guzzle - PHP HTTP client and REST client framework

Guzzle is a PHP HTTP client and RESTful web service client framework
You can post on this forum if you have questions, browse the docs, view the source on github, or chat in IRC

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How to set *global* request parameters using a guzzle4 service description Thomas Deinhamer 4/24/14
Passing object to body Random Guy 4/24/14
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Guzzle4 Subscriber (plugin) interface David Jellesma 4/8/14
[guzzle4] Additional documentation for Guzzle 4 services? Shawn Iwinski 4/6/14
Posting Format Antony Lawlor 4/6/14
Re: [guzzle] There's literally no documentation for cookie handling Michael 4/3/14
Not getting the expected response Johnathan Barrett 4/3/14
How to convert below curl command to Guzzle? Dimitris Kim 3/31/14
Re: [guzzle] [Guzzle4] How can I identify responses from a sendAll() on complete? Michael 3/29/14
New release (3.8.2 or 4.0.0)? Jankes 3/28/14
Anyway to vie guzzle3 doumentation Anthony Chua 3/21/14
Mapping array structure at service description json in response "models" 3/20/14
Building xml request body Wojtek Zalewski 3/19/14
Redirects Tim 3/19/14
Service Description of Web Service that returns collections as a top level array? vannoo67 2/27/14
Slow performance on first connection 2/10/14
using GelfHandler for Guzzle logging Muhammad R. Babsail 2/5/14
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