Gran Tierra Energy Inc.

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DRY HOLE!! senkobass 1/6/10
Whats next for GTE kj934 12/29/09
No Spam Please kj934 10/22/09
How about some discusssion on GTE? kj934 10/19/09
Gte opens of in Brazil? kj934 9/7/09
!!! DNE (AMEX)! Potential Natural Gas Bagger at .14 cents!!! Renster 9/2/09
Re: This Stock Trading ROBOT is Awesome!!! ana1981 7/8/09
Re: This Stock Trading ROBOT Will Make You Millionaire! ana1981 7/8/09
Re: You Can Make Milllions From Stock Trading Robot! ana1981 7/8/09
Where are we headed? kj934 6/12/09
GTE = BUY Josef Schachter Table Pounding Buy 5/19/09
where is GTE headed? 5/19/09
SPSN to rally ..received 70 million from SAMSUNG...REUTERS 4/16/09
GTE increasing net production to 15k... 4/9/09
Good News? 2/9/09
Suspended Prodution 1/29/09
very confused, what is with these numbers? 4367.51% gain? 1/11/09
DMOI about to fly!!!!! 12/23/08
WOW!! 12/15/08
Production Suspended? 11/24/08
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