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ACAD was at $7.50 in prehours yesterday - it seems like going back to that levels at least in the beginning of session! Big Bucks for all! 11/28/12
April and May belongs to ITMN for last 2 year. both years it went above $51 - Now at $12 - Will it be 3rd time Charmed!!! Shawn 4/20/12
cool picks very hot now on the move AOR CD_TA 4/25/10
ACTG 3/28/10
900% RETURN ON MY INVESTMENT USING THEIR ALERTS!!! kathrin heigl 3/25/10
great entry point. 10/8/08
davidam from investorhub is a jerk 12/27/07
Oversold? 11/26/07
Number of ongoing litigations? 11/26/07
Time to load up 11/26/07
Another run? 10/9/06
$10 Rule Jeff 4/3/06