State Street Corporation

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Re: Took the least TARP funds R MAN AUDIO 2/3/09
Re: what the heck... 1/28/09
STT one of the few financials closing right near High of day Tripps 1/28/09
Take over State Street 1/28/09
WELL, STT up 1 buck AH, so is BAC and C are up big Tripps 1/28/09
It's JCAT!! AA my next reccommendation... 1/27/09
Rally like its 1999 1/27/09
Taxpayers Demand TARP Money Back!!!! 1/25/09
Re: Employee Stock Loss Investigation GOLDMANSACHS 1/25/09
Strong buy, higher lows after capitulation Tripps 1/23/09
Re: No nationalization of banks link below 1/23/09
bounce high 1/22/09
Morningstar says Fair value 35 now Tripps 1/22/09
Go Dart! 1/21/09
STT is oversold right now 1/20/09
If they remove mark to market rule, STT will double in a day Tripps 1/20/09
State Street recommended as a sell yesterday by The Oxen Group 1/20/09
STT today, NTRS tomorrow 1/20/09
Re: Federal Reserve letter in relation to State Street 1/20/09
State Street Beats the Street - 38% profit increase 1/20/09
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