Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc

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Yikes...........!! JC 5/5/11
New low for nearly for 9 months! YT 11/30/10
Is this the bottom yet?? YT 11/8/10
£1.38b loss!!! YT 11/5/10
This could be a good week lester 9/23/10
Re: A bridge too far? YT 9/20/10
3 more buildings for SVO noname 9/19/10
Re: Hey, We are back above the 50p mark again! YT 9/14/10
Empty box. ian 9/13/10
Got out of the desert island. YT 8/13/10
when rbs shall give a dividend to all its investors will2k 8/6/10
Re: What will today hold? noname 8/5/10
back up and running!!! miss m 8/3/10
Re: The pre-market trading doesn't very promising. YT 7/30/10
Re: FTSE100 up in pre-market trade. YT 7/29/10
Re: Resume of the advancing? YT 7/28/10
Everyones situation BSHS BSHS 7/27/10
Re: Vow, how about this! YT 7/27/10
Re: So far so good YT 7/26/10
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