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Job Opportunity in Wayne, PA Nicole Kline 12/18/15
Two important messages from Nicole and Karissa Nicole Kline 9/1/15
Comic Book Club on February 25th Nicole Kline 2/11/15
Upcoming event with Tracey Welson-Rossman of Nicole Kline - Girl Geek Dinners Philadelphia 1/22/15
Fwd: Computer programming and engineers needed as mentors Nicole Kline 1/20/15
Fwd: Partnership with Girl Geek Dinners Nicole Kline - Girl Geek Dinners Philadelphia 1/20/15
More Job Opportunities! Nicole Kline 11/22/14
hack.summit() - Anyone interested in a special discount code? Nicole Kline 11/19/14
Job Opportunities at relocated New York Code + Design Academy Nicole Kline 11/19/14
Wrinkle in Time! Nicole Kline 7/3/14
Idea for July event Nicole Kline 6/30/14
Interactive & Motions Arts Faculty Position Karissa Demi 4/29/14
Nicole Kline 4/16/14
Coloring Party on Tuesday Nicole Kline 3/7/14
Internship Opportunities Karissa Demi 3/5/14
Town Hall and Potluck tomorrow! Nicole Kline 1/27/14
New Date for Town Hall/Potluck: Tuesday, January 28th Nicole Kline 1/22/14
Town Hall/Potluck POSTPONED Nicole Kline 1/22/14
Meetup event is live for Town Hall and Potluck Nicole Kline 1/15/14
Fwd: Meetup Leaders: Share this Tech Jobs Fair Discount w/ your Members Nicole Kline 1/15/14
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