Delta robot 3D printers

Questions and answers about building delta robot 3D printers, e.g. Rostock or Kossel.

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If you had it to do again what rod joints would you use? Wire 10:04 PM
Best Delta board Jérémy Kaczor 9:18 PM
TMC2660 slow-speed problems Andrew Lenharth 7:15 PM
TL-Smoother addon module for 3D pinter motor drivers Jack Smith 7:10 PM
E3D hotends on Amazon Joel Beskow 6:31 PM
OL and OLP users knighton30 4:22 PM
What is big, and when is big "big enough"? temo 3:56 PM
Can anyone please explain the detection of coordinates in a delta 3D printer ? amol agarwal 11:53 AM
Hatchbox Alpha Nota Pipsqueak 9:55 AM
Firmware to Printer 3D Delta Otavio Calixto 12/6/16
dc42's mini IR probe on Azteeg X5 mini v2 Lofton Harris 12/5/16
When calibrating the printer, how can I fix one side being too high even though all the endstops are the same height? Raymond Barth 12/5/16
Kenovo heater 900W temo 12/5/16
Calibrating my Kossel XL from Think3dPrint3d - plastic curls up Christian Petry 12/4/16
Odd behavior when sd card inserted. Jeffrey Lawson 12/3/16
Re: Changing a post Ryan Carlyle 12/2/16
Re: Job Vacancy - 3D Printer Designer ekaggrat singh kalsi 12/2/16
Dimensional Accuracy Question Dakota Pahel-Short 12/2/16
3D printer E3DV6 Cyclops dual head upgrade kit 2WAY in 1WAY out TL-Feeder Prusa bowden splitter prometheus multi feeder System Jack Smith 12/2/16
Building a Rostock with shortened arms accidental r.d. terramir 12/1/16
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