Delta robot 3D printers

Questions and answers about building delta robot 3D printers, e.g. Rostock or Kossel.

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Bulldog Extruder Joel Beskow 2:34 PM
Magnetic Ball Joint Safety Ian Lee, Sr. 12:38 PM
Air-struder or direct extruder Joel Beskow 6:18 AM
DELTA_SMOOTH_ROD_OFFSET taking no effect. Telli 2:29 AM
PG35L (UMBEE) Config Ian Lee, Sr. 7/22/16
Using IO Expander to drive additional extruders? Nick Franklin 7/22/16
Delta Dremel Question GRB352 7/22/16
Tall Deltabots short bowden tubes / Project DeltaBuddy GRB352 7/22/16
curiosity , my printer 3d made ​​with DVD drive 3d e-waste printer 7/22/16
Effector design for long hot ends like E3D v6 Anne Archibald 7/22/16
Is anyone interested in inexpensive parts for zero backlash magnetic ball and socket joints? Haydn Huntley 7/20/16
More calibration problems Luis Barros 7/20/16
Kossel mini movement problems m2 7/20/16
Hmm... non-rail delta Wing Wong 7/19/16
STEVAL-3DP001V1 - ST has created a 3D printer controller reference design Ian Lee, Sr. 7/19/16
Desktop probing tool (early days) Anne Archibald 7/18/16
Diagnosing layer shifting Anne Archibald 7/18/16
Strage calibration problem nadriang 7/18/16
Awesome Delta Frame Design shane hooper 7/17/16
kossel bracket opinions Walter Brokowski 7/17/16
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