Delta robot 3D printers

Questions and answers about building delta robot 3D printers, e.g. Rostock or Kossel.

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A 3D printed heater for my print bed (well almost) JohnnyInBrisbane 10:02 AM
My extruder design Don Moss 7:53 AM
o.m.g. Industrial awesomeness. Wing Wong 5:39 AM
Trying to pick a new extruder Aaron Eiche 6/29/15
Layer alignment problem that I can't figure out Tim Mullen 6/29/15
Hot end woes/moisture in PLA? Ira Nana 6/28/15
Using FSR's with an Azteeg X3? Haydn Huntley 6/28/15
G-Code to set Z Probe to Zero Jim McCuan 6/28/15
Cheapest Smoothie based board yet! Chris Hax 6/28/15
Repetier Host and new Dreammaker Overlord Pro printer Stephane Beaulieu 6/27/15
Autodesk multiple filament drive patent Toomas Pruuden 6/27/15
Auto bed level rostock with alligator/repetier ILmanu92 6/27/15
Tension belts - Delta Rostock Johann ILmanu92 6/26/15
Probeless auto bed levelling David 6/25/15
Now printing with Repetier firmware on the Arduino Due John Silvia 6/25/15
GLCD to Azteeg X5 Mini Board... Brad Norman 6/25/15
Smoothie and Simp3D freeze Phil Davis 6/25/15
OH NO. Loud Stepper Motor, Jerky movements Regin Rodriguez 6/25/15
One motor skips homing. Aaron Eiche 6/24/15
Smoothie group order Arthur Wolf 6/24/15
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