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Error during installation: "Invalid or corrupt jarfile sbt-launch" Ian MathWiz 11/10/15
Conscript installation error Herman Bovens 6/8/14
Conscript & Firewall John Cavanaugh 8/20/13
Missing or invalid User Agent string when connecting to github Xiao Min 5/1/13
Control script bin location Matt Russell 4/26/13
Conscript runnable jar installer goes for wrong version of conscript Tom Ayerst 2/2/13
giter8 not able to connect to github Donald Mennerich 1/29/13
using sbt 0.12 binary version suffix _2.10 Eugene Yokota 1/27/13
Exception message: No response received after 60000 aidy lewis 1/22/13
Uninstall Conscript Curtis W 9/10/12
Building Deploy Artifacts with conscript Clint Combs 8/23/12
sbt 0.12 Heiko Seeberger 8/19/12
setting JVM options for conscript apps Eduardo Pareja Tobes 6/5/12
repository issue with conscript and sbt 0.11.3 Mike Mckibben 5/28/12
resolver proto tip Doug Tangren 5/9/12
Connection Time out Gregg Sirrine 5/9/12
Access to private GitHub repos no longer working Heiko Seeberger 4/20/12
proxy David Portabella 2/9/12
Where is conscript-plugin 0.3.4? Heiko Seeberger 1/24/12
Compilation error in using JNA example Sushant 12/15/11
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