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KDE thinks eth1 exists (xsession-errors) Ar 5/14/17
window scroll sliders bad sector 5/10/17
The process for the file protocol died unexpectedly Cholo Lennon 3/2/17
Dependency problem Pinnerite 1/20/17
Plasma 5 only opens a root pinnerite 11/24/16
embedded ark crashes upon dir change anon...@anonymous.anonymous 9/14/16
. Nicholas Randall Forystek 7/12/16
Kubuntu: mailto-Links in Chrome doesn't open Gnome-app Evolution Don Bollwitz 6/15/16
2 more: 1 prob + 1 idea for p5 bad sector 6/13/16
Panel Settings plasmoid bad sector 6/9/16
b4 & after Quick-Access bad sector 6/8/16
Plasma5 panel icons bad sector 6/7/16
|Screwed up format options {Plasma 5} bad sector 6/6/16
App. Launcher mishap {Plasma 5} bad sector 6/6/16
kWallet bad sector 6/6/16
How to install Kate help (Kate Handbook) into KDE-for-Windows khelpcenter? Christopher Karl Johansen 4/28/16
Plasma, a case of premature congratulation bad sector 2/14/16
Plasma 5 dropbox icon in sustray Daniel 1/23/16
task manager feature wanted bad sector 12/21/15
None-KDE apps and Cntrl-C! bad sector 12/18/15
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