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When telling KDE v4.8.4 to eject me disc, it closes again? Ant 4/8/15
kdenlive bug Alessandro Barbieri 2/13/15
اربح 100$ من موقع tsu 1/27/15
kdenlive chroma green video bad sector 1/3/15
Fedora 21, plasma-desktop with high CPU usage Michael Krauth 12/31/14
KDE acting Strangely Steven Jones 12/16/14
Back to the good old days. 12/10/14
okular peculiarity 12/3/14
asus g73 throwing curser randomly bad sector 11/5/14
Changing sort order of recent folders in kmail Jan Stozek 10/20/14
KDE Upgrade Karl Ysenburgh 9/21/14
Is there a way to exit KDE session remotely through command line? Ant 9/10/14
Hello, checking to see if this newsgroup is alive Coyo 9/10/14
Okular distorts pdf page. 9/10/14
AfterStep decrations? bad sector 8/16/14
Device INaction? bad sector 6/24/14
Notifications annunciator.. bad sector 6/14/14
xpenguins launch failure bad sector 6/14/14
Another KDE & permmissions problem bad sector 6/13/14
"delete" in a side menu? bad sector 6/7/14
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