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Power settings/window borders Glyn Burgess 3/9/14
Kwin window manager treble clef 2/22/14
Partial upgrade failure aegfroth 1/29/14
Ubuntu 12.10 upgrade available aegfroth 1/29/14
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VM instance; installing other potential desktops Julian O 12/6/13
[SOLVED]KDE base runtime Jon Valentine 12/4/13
Great distribution Jon Valentine 12/2/13
Get integrated camera to work Terry McKenna 12/2/13
Would like to get DockbarX working with Centrych profile. IE Hichez 12/1/13
Finally!!! coolpup 11/30/13
Well Done aegfroth 11/13/13
Live USB Boot Problems Kostas Giagidis 11/12/13
Hi about Centrych OS KAIRO 11/11/13
Very nicely done tornnomar 11/10/13
I'm cured! JAllain 11/3/13
Starting Xcentrych Tuxworx 10/30/13