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Google Summer of Code student selections Rick Harding 4/21/14
Debian packaging progress Jelmer Vernooij 4/17/14
Setup a Mac OSX local dev environment Paolo Coffetti 3/25/14
Testing Craig Maloney 3/21/14
Add private bookmark support test case generation Hasitha Prasad 3/21/14
[Gsoc project]Add private bookmark support Hasitha Prasad 3/20/14
Gsoc 14 : discussion on project titled "Update Bookie to do all readable processing of bookmarks with the bookie-parser web service." Abhishek Kumar 3/20/14
Google Summer Code 2014 George Chatzipapas 3/20/14
GSOC'14 Harsh Bhikadia 3/19/14
[GSoC'14] Introduction, Monitoring 3rd party sites & private bookmark support Shamim Hasnath 3/19/14
Beginner programmers in Gsoc 2014 Prakash kumar 3/18/14
Error while running Bookie Nidhi Jain 3/16/14
[GSoC] Solr backend; Monitor 3rd party sites 3/14/14
GSOC 2014 Introductions Linh Le 3/14/14
Introduction and Project Ideas himanka sandaruwan 3/13/14
GSoC 2014 Avinash Rai 3/12/14
Regarding Private Bookmark Support Anurag Soni 3/11/14
Gsoc Teo Pavel 3/9/14
Update Bookie to permit an ElasticSearch/Solr backend for full text indexing of content. Nidhi Jain 3/9/14
application template for GSoC applications. Rick Harding 3/9/14
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