API Commons

Welcome to API Commons, a place to discuss providing a simple and transparent mechanism for the copyright free sharing and collaborative design of API specifications, interfaces and data models. For more information visit apicommons.org.

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What Exactly Is API Commons? Kin Lane 2/4/15
W3C Social WG work on APIs elf Pavlik 12/1/14
Added API For Searching And Adding API Definitions To API Commons Kin Lane 11/17/14
Nothing Has Changed For API Commons In Light Of Oracle v Google Decision Kin Lane 5/17/14
Oracle wins Android-Java copyright appeal: API code copyrightable, new trial on fair use Kin Lane 5/12/14
Submitting Drafts Paul Hopton 5/6/14
Adding Evercam.io To The API Commons Kin Lane 4/7/14
When To Submit API Definition To The API Commons? Earlier or Later? Kin Lane 1/16/14
On the language and expression of API Interfaces David Biesack 1/2/14
Don't Hypermedia APIs solve this problem? Kin Lane 11/25/13
After A Very Successful Launch Of API Commons, What is Next? Kin Lane 11/10/13
Why not just use creative commons? Kin Lane 10/31/13
Recent Judgements Indicate that APIs are not copyrightable - so why do we need a commons? Kin Lane 10/31/13