ADF Enterprise Methodology Group

This group is a place to discuss best practices and methodologies for Oracle JDeveloper ADF enterprise development.
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Conditions of posting to the ADF EMG Chris Muir 4/2/13
Check out the ADF EMG services for members Chris Muir 2/11/13
User Language in ADF BC aalopez 4/27/15
UKOUG Call for papers Grant Ronald 4/27/15
Oracle Open World 2015 : ADF EMG Day Florin Marcus 4/24/15
Page templates: html vs layout components koen.verhulst 4/6/15
ADF and Real Application Security feature david.darte 3/30/15
Architecture of Oracle Tap Application. Saif Kamaal 3/10/15
Using bootstrap in ADF mr.toledano 3/10/15
Attending ADF/MAF training - is it really helpful? Florin Marcus 3/9/15
Using ADF Components for java batch programs LERAY FRANCK 3/9/15
GIT and JDeveloper on an ADF Project mail4sudhakar 3/2/15
ADFUtils/JSFUtils... aalopez 2/20/15
Oracle ADF with HTML5 for view layer shahharshil52 2/17/15
By the Poolside, activations and scalability Florin Marcus 2/14/15
JDeveloper 12c experiences? Sten Vesterli 2/9/15
Group Admin: joining no longer requires a survey response Simon Haslam 1/29/15
Do it in the Model vs. do it in the ViewController John Flack 1/23/15
Migrating from Jdev/ADF to new version shahharshil52 1/23/15
ADF EMG new member survey results for 2014 Chris Muir 1/21/15
Working with a locking version control system (e.g. Microsoft TFS) Sten Vesterli 1/19/15
External Bulk Update APIs from Entity Object in bulk update mode srinigenie 1/7/15
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