ADF Enterprise Methodology Group

This group is a place to discuss best practices and methodologies for Oracle JDeveloper ADF enterprise development.
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Conditions of posting to the ADF EMG Chris Muir 11/24/15
Check out the ADF EMG services for members Chris Muir 2/11/13
Discussion about Oracle ADF future mr.abolila 2/9/16
Dynamic Tab Pattern and Alta UI principles Andreas Koop 2/9/16
Infographic on ADF srinigenie 2/4/16
ADF EMG Audit Rules JDev 12.2.1 aalopez 1/28/16
Glassfish Plugin for JDeveloper 12.2.1 aalopez 1/28/16
MAF and the ADF EMG John Flack 1/22/16
MAF code coverage vikceo 1/20/16
Using end user monitoring tools with ADF (eg CA APM Customer experience monitor) 12/15/15
ADF at K'Scope 2016 John Flack 12/11/15
out-of-the-box warnings when running an ADF application in JDeveloper Jan Vervecken 11/23/15
JDeveloper and ADF 12.2.1 John Flack 11/3/15
Reuse ADF Business Components to develop web services? Michael Koniotakis 9/22/15
One year without an ADF release Regee Chacko 9/15/15
ADF EMG Taskflow Tester and maven dependencies aalopez 9/15/15
ADF & Multi-threading srinigenie 7/30/15
Webcast replay: Introducing Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Carlos Chang 7/25/15
Mobile & Mobile Cloud Service hands-on training by product management - August 17-21 2015 Lisbon - only for OPN partners! 6/25/15
HTTP Acceleration josephanu 6/22/15
Methodology on ADF and non-ADF apps Jayaram 6/17/15
Security in Oracle ADF- CSRF/XSS vinay 6/1/15
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