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Travis backlog: moving packages out of JuliaLang? Tim Holy 5/27/16
Deprecation warnings in deprecated.jl Scott Jones 5/27/16
Proposed C++ SIMD extensions Simon Byrne 5/27/16
Sundials Package Build Error Joseph Obiajulu 5/26/16
Considerations needed to propose a binary dependency (Gettext) Ismael Venegas Castelló 5/26/16
Organization for managing interoperability packages? Alex Arslan 5/26/16
Current State of Higher Precision Arithmetic Chris Rackauckas 5/26/16
PSA: libjulia installation location moved Elliot Saba 5/25/16
Bugs with parsing BigInt, BigFloat, and Decimals (from DecFP.jl) when no \0 immediately past end Scott Jones 5/21/16
Documentation on using multiple threads in v0.5-dev? Douglas Bates 5/10/16
Allocations in numerical linear algebra in v0.4 Douglas Bates 5/9/16
Slightly modify Julia banner in order to enhance syntax highlighting. Ismael Venegas Castelló 5/6/16
METADATA.jl full? Keith 5/4/16
Add terse syntax for defining macros? Ismael Venegas Castelló 5/3/16
Julia Compilation versus Interpretation rpre...@gmail.com 5/3/16
reason for scoping design of for loops Tamas Papp 5/2/16
Pkg.add refactoring proposal Rory Finnegan 5/1/16
Is someone working on powerpc le support ? keita abdoul-kader 5/1/16
New @code_native regression. Ismael Venegas Castelló 4/30/16
Anyone know how to troubleshoot SignTool.exe issues? Tony Kelman 4/27/16
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