This group is for asking question concerning RAxML, RAxML-Light, RAxML-EPA, and PaPaRa.

Please use the search function prior to posting questions, since most of the typical questions have already been answered in here.

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Critical bugfix in RAxML-NG v0.5.0b: potentially incorrect bootstrap support values Alexey Kozlov 11.09.17
ExaML 3.0.19 does not properly finish Karen 06:24
running hybrid version chris blair 06:20
Partitioned analysis whit models for each one SANTIAGO OROZCO CHAMORRO 22.01.18
Rapid bootstrapping completed, but no trees? Breanna Sipley 22.01.18
Partition file Christian Cramer 22.01.18
ERROR in SPR round scott small 21.01.18
Looking for EPA datasets Alexis 18.01.18
Re: [raxml] Errors when optimizing model parameters+branch lengths for a given input tree Alexis 14.01.18
Phd position available in my group Alexis 12.01.18
Partitioned analysis with binary partition at Cipres die...@nocrotec.com 11.01.18
Unexpected termination of RaxML at Cipres 이승현 09.01.18
ExaML binary checkpoints and branch lengths Gabriel Leventhal 09.01.18
ModelTest-NG – zero protein models Sergios-Orestis Kolokotronis 09.01.18
Definition of the rapid bootstrap Juan Carlos Zamora Señoret 04.01.18
felsenstein's ascertainment bias correction in CIPRES Santiago Ceballos 02.01.18
RAxML next generation Alexis 01.01.18
RE: [raxml] Digest for ra...@googlegroups.com - 1 update in 1 topic Mark Miller 29.12.17
RAxML "pre" data check die...@nocrotec.com 27.12.17
link of RAxML for Windows 32 bits Hyppolite Aignon 22.12.17
RAxML Hyppolite Aignon 21.12.17
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