This group is for asking question concerning RAxML, RAxML-Light, RAxML-EPA, and PaPaRa.

Please use the search function prior to posting questions, since most of the typical questions have already been answered in here.

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Critical bugfix in RAxML-NG v0.5.0b: potentially incorrect bootstrap support values Alexey Kozlov 11.09.17
How to Output Stepwise Addition Sequence lrow...@vols.utk.edu 19.10.17
Drawing biparition information. Error: Too many internal nodes Kathryn Mercier 19.10.17
Optimizing EPA placement speed Benjamin lin 16.10.17
raxml trees for ASTRAL chris blair 16.10.17
How to get bootstrap output sequence as fasta format Aritra Mahapatra 15.10.17
Question about the exact steps of the analysis using "-m PROTGAMMAAUTO", "-x" and " -f a" Quanwei Zhang 14.10.17
A phylogenetic tree to a time tree Quanwei Zhang 14.10.17
Error related to input tree labels ? Benjamin lin 14.10.17
problem with -L MR David Plachetzki 13.10.17
Preparing the alignment for RAxML-EPA Domenico Simone 12.10.17
RAxML & RAxML-NG on SNP dataset | Has the computation time increased? George Pacheco 10.10.17
EPA retaining input tree bootstraps for final figure? Andy Funk 06.10.17
Bootstrap with different phylip inputs Muriel Gros-Balthazard 06.10.17
New version of EPA Alexis 04.10.17
resuming rapid bootstrap run Francesco Cicconardi 04.10.17
Low level phylogenetic likelihood library version 2 released Alexis 03.10.17
10th Summer School on Computational Molecular Evolution Alexis 02.10.17
RAxML 64 bit version ??? Adri-UCL 01.10.17
Re: [raxml] Shimodaira-Hasegawa test in RaxML Alexis 29.09.17
Running exabayes example in HT-COndor/OpenMPI Arturo García 27.09.17
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