This group is for asking question concerning RAxML, RAxML-Light, RAxML-EPA, and PaPaRa.

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negative topology constraints Jacek Kominek 26.08.16
Multiple character states at same locus S 24.08.16
partition file on BlackBox RobinvanVelzen 24.08.16
PROTGAMMAAUTO, which model is actually used in the analysis? Jon Bråte 18.08.16
Marginal ancestral state reconstruction issues Simon 15.08.16
compiling ExaML without MPI Mark Howison 14.08.16
Error Messages from RaxML Black Box Aja Michelle 14.08.16
RAxML on exome sequence data Adrián Báez Ortega 11.08.16
some questions about RAxML bootstrap and bestTree? yangf...@gmail.com 11.08.16
RAxML-EPA -G option Alicia S. Arroyo 10.08.16
Dealing with binary data, sparsity +60% Evan Biederstedt 04.08.16
Bootstrap threshold error Michael Forthman 04.08.16
Topological constraints and Consel tests Tracey Nowell 04.08.16
Re: [raxml] SNP Tree using asc-corr on CIRPRES Alexis 04.08.16
raxmlHPC crash for -f a alogrithm joachim.n...@gmail.com 03.08.16
Compilation problem with heterotachous model Sanyi 03.08.16
Phylogenetic tree of amino acid Lixia Shi 01.08.16
Bootstopping criteria Noor White 01.08.16
Re: [raxml] Protein models in RaxML. Alexis 31.07.16
epa tree > invalid branch length Jan Finke 28.07.16
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