This group is for asking question concerning RAxML, RAxML-Light, RAxML-EPA, and PaPaRa.

Please use the search function prior to posting questions, since most of the typical questions have already been answered in here.

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Any suggestions about handling huge dataset with parse-examl lei chen 07:11
SegFault when computing Robinson-Foulds distances Chris Johns 06:14
Ask suggestions to analyze two huge data sets Shujun Ou 21.06.17
Problem with output of Internode certainty analysis (-f i) in RAxML 8.2 Kevin Kocot 19.06.17
Running RAxML Efficiently On a Cluster lsa...@aucklanduni.ac.nz 18.06.17
Assertion 'partitionLikelihood < 0.0' failed Shea Lambert 18.06.17
Missing taxa error in the "per site log Likelihoods" computation (-f G) Yan Wang 12.06.17
Why RAxML aborts before ML search? Liang LÜ 09.06.17
RogueNaRok with different sets of taxa Simon Uribe-Convers 09.06.17
RAxML-NG ascertainment bias correction model Antony Vincent 08.06.17
fasta format running error.. huku 07.06.17
problem about running EPA-GUI version Ping 07.06.17
best ML tree vs cons tree Giorgio Matassi 07.06.17
ERROR: Bad base (.) at site 6 of sequence 2 Yuen 07.06.17
looking for RAxML-7.4.2 sources Eric Deveaud 07.06.17
Compile for Knights Landing (AVX512) Gabe 02.06.17
Early end of (interleaved) phylip format in PaPaRa Marlène Chiarello 02.06.17
morphological/molecular matrix Roberta graboski mendes 31.05.17
[raxml-ng] Multiple builds of raxml-ng Matthieu Muffato 23.05.17
Can the SH test be used on Newick files giving topology only? Rachel Rodgers 23.05.17
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