This group is for asking question concerning RAxML, RAxML-Light, RAxML-EPA, and PaPaRa.

Please use the search function prior to posting questions, since most of the typical questions have already been answered in here.

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SH test Maryam Nadimi 20:03
SH test Lixia Shi 19:49
epa tree > invalid branch length Jan Finke 17:22
Marginal ancestral state reconstruction issues Simon 00:48
Re: [raxml] Protein models in RaxML. Alexis 00:11
autoMRE bootstraps did not converge Noor White 24.07.16
How to remove columns with missing data but *not* remove taxa with identical sequences Michael Forthman 20.07.16
New version of PTP for faster and more accurate species delimitation Alexis 15.07.16
-s not recognised Loki Snyman 14.07.16
raxmlHPC crash for -f a alogrithm joachim.n...@gmail.com 14.07.16
Little bug Emanuel Schmid 13.07.16
Raxml: the hard and slow way! albernererhelge 13.07.16
-f b option chris blair 11.07.16
fast alignment for thousands of sequences Sergios-Orestis Kolokotronis 11.07.16
use of different substitution models in a concatenated dataset (RAxML) Eveline 11.07.16
Re: [raxml] Building boostrapping tree Alexis 10.07.16
Problem reading alignment file Greg Noel 04.07.16
AA substitution matrix with parser (and ExaML) F 04.07.16
epa slow and fast placement algorithms gc...@connect.hku.hk 28.06.16
make: *** [axml.o] Error 1 when trying to compile Makefile.SSE3.PTHREADS.gcc S Pr 28.06.16
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