This group is for asking question concerning RAxML, RAxML-Light, RAxML-EPA, and PaPaRa.

Please use the search function prior to posting questions, since most of the typical questions have already been answered in here.

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Compile for Knights Landing (AVX512) Gabe 16:43
outgroup when calculating bootstrap values Falk Hildebrand 29.04.17
Problem in installing Raxml in Mac Prudhvi Raj 25.04.17
Partition file Christian Cramer 24.04.17
RAxML 8.2.9 - EPA (tree format problem?) Alice Lévesque 22.04.17
no bestTree file Emily W. 20.04.17
recommendations for resources chris blair 20.04.17
multiple outgroup setting Irene Adamo 19.04.17
Illegal instruction with RAxML-NG Bui Quang Minh 18.04.17
Error with raxmL blackbox dhar...@missouriwestern.edu 13.04.17
Three questions regarding the interpretation and meaning of branch lengths Christian A 12.04.17
mulitstate-MK & multistate-ORDERED partitions steven.wad...@gmail.com 10.04.17
Identifying incomplete lineage sorting using SH-test or CONSEL ze...@uw.edu 07.04.17
ERROR: Bad base (.) at site 6 of sequence 2 Yuen 04.04.17
Invalid partitionfile format in RAxML Workbench doing EPA Marialejandra Castro Farias 31.03.17
RAxML shows failure as output K. Sonal Choudhary 30.03.17
Internal node labels -g -r option nwno...@gmail.com 28.03.17
RAxML next generation Alexis 27.03.17
raxml/phylogeny with genotype likelihoods benjamin v 22.03.17
RAxML and missing data marvela 22.03.17
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