This group is for asking question concerning RAxML, RAxML-Light, RAxML-EPA, and PaPaRa.

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invariant sites definition and its effects on tree topology Alicia S. Arroyo 20.01.17
6-state Dayhoff recoding in RaxML bz...@bristol.ac.uk 20.01.17
extract variable sites Sergios-Orestis Kolokotronis 19.01.17
Can the SH test be used on Newick files giving topology only? Rachel Rodgers 19.01.17
SNPS dataset is not producing a bestree output vanina v 19.01.17
Fasta parsing error, the number of taxa 0 and sequences 1 are not equal! Flávia Pezzini 18.01.17
Cannot read custom threshold consensus with FigTree Frank Stokvis 17.01.17
examl bootstopping not converging ctda...@gmail.com 17.01.17
Results for optimal tree engsam...@gmail.com 16.01.17
How to calculate Bootstrap to my known tree ? engsam...@gmail.com 13.01.17
mpi version chris blair 08.01.17
How can i calculate site likelihood by raxml ?? engsam...@gmail.com 08.01.17
9th summer school on computational molecular evolution May 8 - 19, Hinxton, UK Alexis 06.01.17
RAxML 8 running slow? Olaf R.P. Bininda-Emonds 05.01.17
raxml/phylogeny with genotype likelihoods benjamin v 03.01.17
papara error -- out of range Libusha Kelly 02.01.17
Jackknifing NWhite 30.12.16
Help on compiling RaxML8.2.9 AVX2 error WJChen 21.12.16
problem installing ExaML Andrés Parada 20.12.16
Examl error: Assertion failed: (0), function malloc_aligned, file axml.c, line 150. Jéssica Gillung 20.12.16
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