This group is for asking question concerning RAxML, RAxML-Light, RAxML-EPA, and PaPaRa.

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No best tree generated when I use AVX on an HPC system. Ramona Walls 29.07.15
RAxML segmentation fault Pamela 28.07.15
Re: [raxml] raxml 8.2.0 mpi not running properly Alexis 28.07.15
Raxml v 7.3.0 on mac , error: Problem reading number of species and sites Seta 28.07.15
Partitionfinder failes with RAxML single thread version Karen 27.07.15
Estimating P-Invar for some partitions in AA dataset Michael Forthman 23.07.15
Add sequence to tree Adam Witney 23.07.15
problem installing ExaML Andrés Parada 23.07.15
Re: [raxml] Raxml continue interrupted run Alexis 21.07.15
no. of partitions in RAxML 7.2.8-ALPHA Karen 20.07.15
optimal number of initial trees Victor Lima 19.07.15
Examl and bootstrap Fang Li 17.07.15
Masking gappy alignment Shyam Saladi 16.07.15
Optimising topology, branch length and substitution rate Gurjeet Singh Kohli 16.07.15
Petition against anti-Greek racism in Germany Alexis 15.07.15
Hardware requirements RAxML jaguilar 14.07.15
Compiling 8.2: "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find /usr/local/lib/: File format not recognised" Kevin Kocot 13.07.15
Two poteintial bugs on ExaML 3.0 Sohta Ishikawa 13.07.15
RAxML version 8.2.0 released Alexis 09.07.15
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