Welcome to the ArangoDB discussion group. Please feel free to ask questions, start discussions about features or just read what others are writing.

If you have a specific question about ArangoDB, please use and check Stackoverflow. The right place to report bugs ist Github's issue tracker. We are also on Twitter, but Stackoverflow is the right place for questions. Sometimes the developers also lurk on IRC #arangodb.

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ArangoDB 2.2.0 Frank Celler 13.07.14
Documentation mistake " used INTO instead of IN " In the topic 'Data modification using AQL' venkat 12.07.14
Modifying AQL Frank Celler 12.07.14
Self join sorting Michael Roterman 12.07.14
Aql Generator for Arangodb-PHP Statement Társis Lima 12.07.14
Intercept all _api calls Cloud Coders 11.07.14
ArangoDB 1.4.16 Вася Макарычек 10.07.14
ArangoDB 2.2.0 Beta Frank Celler 09.07.14
ArangoDB equivalent of find_or_create_by? Mike Williamson 08.07.14
E: Version '2.2.0b3' for 'arangodb' was not found bvenkat 05.07.14
Golang Driver Diego Guraieb 05.07.14
Arango auth and Foxx auth Dan Tomosoiu 01.07.14
arangodb new documentation Zackie de Beer 27.06.14
AIX Distribution Will Hoover 27.06.14
Integer or string keys Michael Roterman 27.06.14
What sort of applications can we create with foxx? Fidel Viegas 26.06.14
Virtual Memory Michael Roterman 26.06.14
Garbage collector - few documents and too many updates Diego Guraieb 26.06.14
Problem with Cerberus Application bernie 25.06.14
ArangoDB River Plugin for ElasticSearch Wolfgang Helisch 25.06.14
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