Welcome to the discussion group of the ArangoDB database!

Please help the ArangoDB community to respond as quickly as possible using the appropriate channels:
If you have a specific question about ArangoDB, please use and check Stackoverflow (SO) and post with the “arangodb” tag. 
If you are experiencing a problem or bug or want to contribute code please use Github's issue tracker and remember to star us to share <3
We are also on Slack - ArangoDB Community Slack channel, but Stackoverflow is the right place for questions.

Important note: There are two types of posts: discussion and questions. For programming question, please check Stackoverflow first. If you think, your questions does not match the requirements imposed by Stackoverflow, please feel free to ask your question here. 
Use type "question" in this case. For general post, please use "discussion". This will help us to spot unanswered questions more easily.

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