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Instructables.com Makerspace Contest Adam Cox 7/22/16
Wood grain filler Shawn Wilson 7/17/16
Brass rack replacement Shawn Wilson 7/16/16
An awesome IDEA! Matthew Rochon 7/14/16
Email blast incoming shortly with directors meeting info Baha Baydar 7/12/16
Discovery Centre "Yard Sale" Part 2 Chris McDonald 7/12/16
Sharing my "What a newb" moment.. Gurjeet Clair 7/11/16
Suppliers list - local and online. Gurjeet Clair 7/11/16
Quick, silly project Shawn Wilson 7/10/16
The storage locker Matthew Rochon 7/6/16
AGM results Evan d'Entremont 7/6/16
Discovery Centre "yard sale" coming up Chris McDonald 7/6/16
Cleaning a coin operated telescope Shawn Wilson 7/6/16
AGM Agenda Evan d'Entremont 6/28/16
Fwd: Hands-On Halifax has a home! Evan d'Entremont 6/28/16
Re: Cool poster, another desgin to come, going to see if they will let me post this in the lunch room at work... Evan d'Entremont 6/27/16
Leather work Matthew Brewer 6/24/16
High altitude balloon launch Baha Baydar 6/23/16
Humble Book Bundle Adam Cox 6/20/16
Need volunteers for moving stuff in storage Adam Cox 6/18/16
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