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Sunday - fixing a Little Free Library Shawn Wilson 9/16/17
Laser cutting Sunday Shawn Wilson 9/15/17
Work from today Shawn Wilson 9/12/17
Open House Tonight! Sandy Walsh 9/12/17
Looking for some capacitors Adam Smith 9/12/17
We're open! Sandy Walsh 9/8/17
AGM reminder Shawn Wilson 8/31/17
Re: Abridged summary of halifaxm...@googlegroups.com - 3 updates in 1 topic Saeed Nikbakht 8/29/17
Volunteers for Sept 24? Shawn Wilson 8/28/17
Any local CNC Router builds here? Hoenir Blarg 8/26/17
Shawn Wilson 8/25/17
Work at the space tomorrow. Shawn Wilson 8/24/17
Director bios Shawn Wilson 8/23/17
At space today Shawn Wilson 8/20/17
Cheapest place to cut keys Shawn Wilson 8/20/17
Opening night on Wednesday! Shawn Wilson 8/19/17
Work today Shawn Wilson 8/19/17
Friday -prepping to open Shawn Wilson 8/17/17
Electronics Storage Proposal dun...@nacnud.ca 8/17/17
AGM details Shawn Wilson 8/16/17
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