Re: MSI barcodes not supported?

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Re: MSI barcodes not supported? Bas Vijfwinkel 12/27/12 1:02 AM
Looks like a pretty straightforward protocol definition.

Do you urgently need the implementation or can I try to add them within the upcoming weeks?
Do you only need the decoder or do you also want to generate them?

On Thursday, December 27, 2012 8:41:21 AM UTC+9, Ruben Vanhoeyveld wrote:
Is it possible to implement MSI barcodes?

Re: MSI barcodes not supported? Ruben Vanhoeyveld 12/27/12 6:38 AM
I need it quite urgently, actually... I only need to decode them.. Thank you in advance.

Op donderdag 27 december 2012 10:02:42 UTC+1 schreef Bas Vijfwinkel het volgende:
Re: MSI barcodes not supported? Bas Vijfwinkel 1/7/13 11:02 PM
Hi Ruben,

I added a test for decoding MSI barcodes to the Actionscript port of Zxing I help to maintain.
The encoder was pretty straightforward but the decoder took a bit more time than expected.

Before converting it back to Java (for the ZXing core library), I was wondering if you could maybe provide some real MSI barcode examples/pictures/screenshots.
I only have generated MSI barcodes but to test the decoding algorithm it would be great to have some real pictures of MSI barcodes.
If those don't generate too much false positives then I'll convert the MSI decoder to Java and if it passes all tests it hopefully will be added to the
application soon.
I currently don't have an Android phone so I am a bit dependent on some of the other zxing contributors to update the Android application.
I can send you a simple Actionscript version that works with a webcam and (if I remember correctly) it can be used straight in a browser (no webserver needed).

Best regards,


Re: MSI barcodes not supported? zxingnet 1/16/13 2:01 PM
Hi all,

I implemented a MSIReader and MSIWriter.
I added some black box tests, too.
It works very well vor me. My tests doesn't produce false positives for the other decoders.
I attached a archive with a patch file against the current trunk.
The full modified files are included, too.
What is missing: I only implemented the Luhn Mod10 checksum algorithm (the most common one). Mod 11, Mod 1010, Mod 1110 are not supported.

Re: MSI barcodes not supported? zxingnet 5/21/13 1:01 PM
The patch is against trunk from Jan 16.
I didn't try it with the current release.

On Tuesday, May 21, 2013 10:31:41 AM UTC+2, Valentin Taleb wrote:

With which version of Zxing does your patch work? Did you try it with the last version (Zxing 2.2 published the 15 may 2013)?

Thank you
Re: MSI barcodes not supported? Valentin Taleb 5/23/13 8:26 AM
Thank you,

I'll try this :)
Re: MSI barcodes not supported? Valentin Taleb 5/27/13 7:21 AM

I integrated your patch in my project (with the release of ZXing from Jan 16). Unfortunately I can't make it work: The scanner doesn't want to scan my barcode. Can you assure me that with your patch, you are able to scan barcode like this one:

Thank you in advance
Re: MSI barcodes not supported? zxingnet 5/27/13 1:03 PM
It doesn't look like a MSI barcode. I created a MSI barcode from the value of your version.
It looks very different. Are you sure that your sample is MSI?
Re: MSI barcodes not supported? Valentin Taleb 5/29/13 12:46 AM
Thanks, you are right. After doing some research it seems that this barcode is not a MSI like I thought.
Re: MSI barcodes not supported? Rajesh Rayala 12/28/16 2:30 AM

Is this fix integrated in the Zxing framework ?

Re: MSI barcodes not supported? Sean Owen 12/29/16 1:43 PM
(Fix for what? looks like the outcome was that it's not a valid barcode)