Seoka, Malema and others in the Marikana murder-market

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Seoka, Malema and others in the Marikana murder-market Domza VC 9/16/12 10:58 PM

Seoka, Malema, and the Marikana murder-market

National Secretary of the YCL Buti Manamela, in a speech, yesterday described how Julius Malema bought himself a platform in Marikana with cash. 
Let’s hope the text of Cde Buti’s speech will come through in due course, and be posted here. It is briefly reported in the Star this morning under the heading “Malema ‘bought the support of miners’”.
Malema’s is not the only mouth for hire in Marikana. Who else is in the Marikana mouthpiece-market that is fuelled by dead bodies?
One is Bishop Johannes Seoka, as we noted yesterday. Like Malema’s, his career was “flagging”, and he was facing criminal charges for corruption and assault. Thanks to Marikana, the bad-tempered bishop went from near-zero to international interviewee in a matter of days.
Who else? Lybon Mabasa. Themba Godi. The UDM, party of Bantu Holomisa.

Marikana is a place where outdated has-beens and never-wases go, perhaps hoping that the locals will be flattered by their presence, but mainly hoping to get national and even international media attention.
Who else is involved? Joseph Mathunjwa and Jeffrey Mphahlele bought their tickets to Marikana. Buti Manamela has details of that process in his speech, according to the Star.
Behind all the showboaters and the grandstanders stand the gangsters of Marikana, who are almost faceless to outsiders. These are the lords of Marikana's poverty. These are the ones who get paid for delivering the audience in Marikana to the procession of phoney stars.
A different kind of business, for sure. The shacklords do not sell the show to the audience, but they sell the crowd to the platform, for money.

Re: [YCLSA Discussion] Seoka, Malema and others in the Marikana murder-market Fusi Motaung 9/16/12 11:23 PM
VC, please indulge us: Besides these "ooportunistic" names which you have mentioned here - Malema, Bishop Seoka, Joseph Mathunjwa and others, who is the relevant person dealing with that mess? And how is that person dealing with that Marikana inferno as we speak?


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Re: [YCLSA Discussion] Seoka, Malema and others in the Marikana murder-market Dominic Tweedie 9/16/12 11:29 PM
Pick this up after the ANC NEC Statement, coming shortly.


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