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nahum 1/15/13 5:04 PM
When: Wednesday 30th Jan @ 5:30pm 
Where: NZX, Level 2, NZX Centre, 11 Cable Street

The initial meeting point is now in the lobby in front of the lifts, I will be there hanging around. NZX security has changed and swipe cards are needed to access the level 2 meeting room we used to meet at. :-( As a result I'm on the lookout for a new meeting venue.


This is what we actually had scheduled for the last meeting last year, except it ended up conflicting with The Hobbit release and everyone seemed to have gone to that instead, so we're doing it this month.
Andy Newport is talking about the development of Nitra, a multiprocess distributed RSpec and Cucumber runner. It arose out of a need to be able to throw commodity hardware at our test suite to alleviate the horrible execution time that we're now stuck with for various rather boring reasons.
NZX is near a number of good pubs so we can wander out afterwards for drinks

The meeting time has been changed to 5:30pm as their outside doors auto-lock at 6pm. We will be initially meeting in the lobby.

If you find the doors are locked when you get there then you'll need to text me on 021 677080 to be let in if someone isn't waiting there - no buzzer. We're still feeling out how to do this - so please take note of my cell phone number and ring/txt me if you get lost/stuck
Re: [Meeting] Wednesday the 28th of Nov @ 5:30 - Nitra a multi-process rspec runner nahum 1/15/13 5:07 PM
oops, managed to post with a subject.

Re: [Meeting] Wednesday the 30th of Jan @ 5:30 - Nitra a multi-process rspec runner nahum 1/15/13 5:08 PM
ugh, sorry everyone. I got the subject wrong with the wrong date in it, it's becoming one of those days for me.