Running webpy with stackless

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Running webpy with stackless krypton 2/9/07 11:29 PM
Guys I m using threads to use concurrecy in my webapps and I find it
to be needlessly slow, because most of the stuff thatI try to do with
the thread are like, send messages, update a long running thread,
update rss feeds etcc., ie they do not need context and Hence i do not
need threads

Upon researching I found an implementation of python that doesnt use C-
Stacks and hence supports Co-routines. Here is my question. I want to
use webpy with stackless python.

The problem I m facing is there are parts of webpy that are hacked
with frame operations. Is there any one who has webpy running on
stackless. If so please share the patch

Thanks a lot Krypton