Android/Arduino beta testers wanted

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Android/Arduino beta testers wanted Totti 7/28/12 8:36 PM
a fellow hacker asked me to help hims testing his Android app. Its
purpose is to connect an Arduino board via network, bluetooth and now
USB and control it with a nice graphical interface.
He can't test the combination USB/Arduino Uno (or all Arduinos which
use a AVR as USB-serial interface, instead of a FTDI) and asking for
help and feed back.

That is your chance to get your ideas into such an app...
Please help testing, debugging and give feedback. He is very
responsive and I am sure he will try to get all your inputs into the
next version (at least the reasonable ones).
Show him how great it is to work with a hackerspace and send high
quality reports ;)
Post stuff here and I forward it to him, or feel free to add him CC
(he is not on the list). Anyhow post here too, to get some discussion

Below his email and some more details

Happy testing



I'm attaching apk file for newest version (that is not available on
the market yet) and which has USB devices/USB accessories support.
I've just tested it with Arduino Duemilanove and it works okay.

Testing with Arduino Uno or any board with USB support via separate ATMega chip.
For this:
1. install the app on the device
2. launch it
3. select 'USB Devices' section
4. connect Arduino Uno board using USB OTH Cable to android-device
with USB Host support (usually it's table or Samsung Galaxy Nexus
5. click "Discover" and find the device in the list
6. click on device in the list
7. If it was connected successfully the board image becomes colorful
(as usual) or error message will be displayed
I've added debug output and if an error occurs it will be discribed in
android log. So If you fail to connect, please send
me ( android log using apps like LogCollector.

It's not tested on Android 3+ tablet so please don't expect it to be
very stable (just simple set pin mode/values).

Re: [THS:19352] Android/Arduino beta testers wanted Richard Frankum 7/29/12 5:40 AM
Does the Arduino side need any software/firmware loaded?
And what Android level is he working with, or has tested on?

--Richard Frankum