cache:clear and "Permission denied" on Windows7

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cache:clear and "Permission denied" on Windows7 M. Althaus 6/7/12 8:12 AM
Hey there,

I encountered a strange behavuour with cache:clear after starting a new project some days ago. I've started from scratch with the 2.0.15 no-vendor edition, installed the vendors, set basic config etc.

The issue now is: Whenever I try to do a cache:clear with an existing cache directory, it fails on me cause I cannot rename "env_new" to "env":

  Warning: rename(D:/foobar/app/cache/dev_new,D:/foobar/app/cache/dev): Permission denied (code: 5) in D:\foobar\vendor\symfony\src\Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Command\CacheClearCommand.php line 74

After digging around I found this comment from Feb 2011 in the PHP manual:

rename() is working on Linux/UNIX but not working on Windows on a directory containing a file formerly opened within the same script. The problem persists even after properly closing the file and flushing the buffer.

When I add the workaround to CacheClearCommand->execute() at line 75 like this

            rename($realCacheDir, $oldCacheDir);
            rename($warmupDir, $realCacheDir);

The problem vanished and the script executes fine. I know... it's Windows... and to make it even stranger: The command works flawlessly in my old project (on 2.0.11). o_O

I tried everything to setup the new project... cache:clear fails all the time without that workaround.

Did anybody encounter this weird issue?

Re: cache:clear and "Permission denied" on Windows7 Kifah 7/2/12 4:03 AM
I recommend you to prepare a virtual machine, ubuntu based for example, and doo your console commands on it.
it will solve more problems than you can imagine.
you can still have your windows 7 on top of that, with your favorite IDE.

Re: [Symfony2] Re: cache:clear and "Permission denied" on Windows7 M. Althaus 7/5/12 12:44 AM
Thanks, but my customer has a Windows machine.

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AW: [Symfony2] Re: cache:clear and "Permission denied" on Windows7 Matthias Althaus 10/23/12 12:56 AM
Yeah... it breaks if an _old folder exists, but I can reproduce my error locally with a clean cache directory.


Am 23.10.2012 08:26 schrieb Collin Lavoie <>:


I had a similar problem, but in my case the error was related to renaming to dev_old (no-warmup):

  Warning: rename(C:/wamp/www/my-project/app/cache/dev,C:/wamp/www/my-project/app/cache/dev_old): Access is denied. (code: 5)
  in C:\wamp\www\my-project\vendor\symfony\symfony\src\Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Command\CacheClearCommand.php line 71

I found that the "dev_old" folder already existed and that the problem was resolved by simply deleting it.

Re: cache:clear and "Permission denied" on Windows7 Caponica 8/15/13 4:22 AM
I still experience this problem with Sf2.3 - is there any appetite in the Sf core team to implement this sleep(1) workaround?