Fwd: Save the date: RND BBQ! Suitably-scaled water-fights! Rockets!!

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Fwd: Save the date: RND BBQ! Suitably-scaled water-fights! Rockets!! Tim 2/4/13 7:09 PM

Hello hackers, welcome to the new year!

With the Snarl of traffic this morning* indication the end of the school holidays, I think it's time we organised a little fun!! I give you the first official RND event of the year - the 'just-missed-Summer' BBQ! 

*I wrote this yesterday but thankfully it's still relevant...

When - Saturday 9th March starting 10 am, BBQ will most likely be in full swing at 12:30.
Where - one of the parks around Gladesville (exact location is TBD, we will do some scouting around and something suitable to our needs)
Cost  - $10 pp for food, drinks and ammunition! (this isn't like the Christmas party, we will actually have to collect this time...)
Who - Everyone! Please bring friends/family if you think you can trick them into it :)
What - A BBQ silly! Oh, and maybe some sort of water balloon 'just-missed-summer' games, and Radio controlled toys, manually controlled toys and uncontrolled toys.

 Also siege engines...

So, first thing's first, calling expressions of interest for an RND-style water fight! We need teams of hackers! Once we have numbers we can pick team captains and divide everyone up. The sooner we get to this stage, the sooner we can start hating our opposition!! *shakes fist at future opposition* Please reply with your willingness to participate asap, also let me know if anyone has any +1s.

Each team, once decided, will then have until the 9th to brainstorm, Design and build their very own Water-balloon siege engine. Exact design specs have yet to be decided (because the day Max and I were supposed to make a siege engine, we made a can crusher instead...) but you should be able to toss a regular water balloon at least 30m, and accuracy will be the key! If the teams are big enough then we could also have multiple weapons per team.. Once teams approach the field armed, they will be set with a list of challenges to test their range, accuracy and rate of fire, and there's a very good chance (if it's warm) all these skills will be put into practice in a large-scale water fight!!

Meanwhile I am sure there will be plenty of cars, planes, gliders and other interesting and awesome things. If you have a large, interesting or awesome outdoor project/thing, this is the time to bring it out! (we will try to pick a park that will accommodate planes, but it probably won't be ideal so don't get too excited) Also we can try some sciency stuff if interested, like measuring the speed of sound and shooting rockets.

Oh!! I almost forgot, rockets!! (I didn't really forget, I'd never forget rockets, it was just a nice segue). Late last year we knocked together a rocket launcher not unlike that one. It's angled at around 60 Degrees and we will fire it at approximately 70PSI. The barrel is about 20mm in diameter and 700mm long, so any rockets built that can slip over that tube can be launched!! We will keep track of distances and record the longest flying rocket. (I suggest wings :)) we were getting 30-40m (and almost that high) with a cardboard rocket with no wings. Parachutes would also be cool :)

So, rockets and water-balloon launchers! Get designing people!


Re: Save the date: RND BBQ! Suitably-scaled water-fights! Rockets!! Tim 3/7/13 2:45 AM

Hi All, it's with much sadness that I have to report, due to lack of interest, cancellation of the BBQ :( :(

Also, since Max and I are the only ones who made a water balloon launcher, we won everything, because we rock.

*email high-5* for  Max.

Of course the space will be open as usual on Saturday. See you all there!

Re: [RnD] Re: Save the date: RND BBQ! Suitably-scaled water-fights! Rockets!! Max Nippard 3/7/13 2:48 AM

*email high-5

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