Directive :download: - proposition of new feature

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Directive :download: - proposition of new feature Tawez 2/7/13 2:03 AM

We are using Sphinx to generate this little baby :)
(only the "Guide" part so don't blame us for the whole rest of the website ;) )

There is still a lot of work here, especially if we talk about the content and its quality ;)
However from technical point of view... Sphinx works just great!


Source of the content is stored in Version Control System.
The "content" means here articles as well as source code of applications in tutorials.
We are doing review of the whole content and because of this, source code is stored in VCS as is.
When we are building new release, source code is packed to zip files.


Our solution is to extend :download: directive.
If refferede resource is a folder, it is automaticaly packed to zpi file.

From now on we can use:

If "tutorial_01" is a folder, "" will be created and stored in common place for downloads.

If there is any interest we will be happy to share our solution with the community and contribute to the project.


Re: Directive :download: - proposition of new feature Cassandra Sundberg 10/21/13 11:31 AM

     Did you end up posting this anywhere? I'd love to use this extension, and perhaps as a reference for future extensions. (I've made some simple extensions for new directives, but I have not worked with roles; more importantly, I don't know where to find the code that would allow me to extend the pre-existing tags that come with Sphinx.)

Re: Directive :download: - proposition of new feature Tawez 10/23/13 12:22 AM

I've just created gist:

Feel free to use it, comment or ask questions.