Ford and GM Open Car Software To Outside Developers

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Ford and GM Open Car Software To Outside Developers Ray Tayek 1/9/13 2:57 PM

Posted by <>Soulskill on Wednesday
January 09, @05:38PM
from the what-could-possibly-go-wrong dept.
Dr Herbert West writes with news that General Motors and Ford have
both used CES to
a Software Development Kit for developers to create in-car apps.
"Ford is focusing on three primary categories for apps: news and
information, music and entertainment, and navigation and location.
Marchwicki said the automaker will "instantly deny" apps that
incorporate video, excessive text and gaming in a bid to reduce the
risk of distracted driving. After developers have incorporated the
Sync AppLink code into a proposed app, they
<>submit it to Ford engineers for review.
Ford will certify the app is bug-free and appropriate for
automobiles. Once approved, Ford will work with the developer to
provide a distribution license and get the app on the market."
Similarly GM seeks infotainment apps that can be downloaded directly
to the dashboard. "GM will provide developers with an SDK through an
<>online portal that allows them to work
with the automaker to design, test and deliver relevant automotive
apps. GM also is including an HTML5 Java Script framework in its SDK."