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Tamil Movie News--Pudhu Edition 2 Sandya Sitaraman 5/17/96 12:00 AM

***Ellorukkum Vanakkam***

***Virudhugal & Vizhaakkal (Cont.)***

***Besides Maniratnam (Best Director: "Bombay"), Arjun (Best Actor:
"Aayudha Poojai"), Sangita (Best Actress: "Ellaame En Raasaadhaan") and Deva
(Best Music Director: "Aasai," "Baadhshaa"), a few special awards were
given by Screen Magazine and Videocon to tamil film stars: Saratkumar,
for his dare-devil, hair raising stunts with a mega budget in "Rahasiya
Police" and Mamooty won a special best actor award for his work in
R.K.Selvamani's "Makkalaatchi".. The Screen-Videocon Award ceremonies held
in late March of this year was highlighted by a dance performance by
Dance Master Raghuram's troupe and a singing performance by Suresh Peters...

***Now for some real Kamal oriented Vizhaa news: Kamalahaasan recently
held a "Moopperum pada vizhaa" jointly celebrating the success of three
Raajkamal International's (his own production company), "Magalir Mattum,"
"Sathi Leelavathi," and "Kurudhippunal".. Directors K.Balachandar, Shekar
Kapoor(What was he doing there, huh?!.. More on this, soon!), Shankar all
attended the function along with actor Arjun, actreses: Heera, Gouthami,
Oorvasi and others...

***There's more: About a month or so ago, there was a trailer release
function held at Sathyam Theatres, Madras for Shankar's "Indhiyan".. The
trailer and a song was screened for all present at that function
including Directors Maniratnam, K.Balachandar, Story writer Sujatha,
Gemini Ganeshan, Vaali, A.R.Rahman and others.. K.Balachandar trailer-ai
paarththu vittu malaiththu poyi vittaar!.. "Kamalahaasan, Shankar,
Maniratnam pondravar-galaal thamizh pada ulagam, ulagam muzhuvadhum pesa
padam naal vegu dhooraththil illai.  Oscar virudhu Kamalukku nichchayam
kidaikkum"--yendru solli K.B. trailer vizhaa-vai kalakki vittaar!...

***Thirai Isai News***

***Meet Shalini.. the latest young singing sensation, studying 9th grade
in Holy Angels in Madras, has taken the entire city by storm!.. Magna Sound,
the audio cassette company with few relations with Warner Bros., tasted
ultimate success last year with Alisha's "Made in India".. now MS
kalaththula irangi.. have made some significant discoveries that would
tremendously boost audio cassette sales... Shalini, whose major inspiration
for her singing career is her mother Georgina, has refused to act in films,
even after Director Maniratnam contacted Magna Sound to play negotiator
to sign her for a film!.. Shalini doesn't mind singing in her own pop
albums and for films.. so don't be surprised if Mani or A.R.Rahman utilize her
voice for "Anandham".. a minute possiblility indeed!..

Along with Shalini, Magna Sound also showcases with pride three more pop
singers with their own music video albums: Anuradha Sriram, who has
become tremendously famous after her rendition in "Meenamma" in "Aasai,"
Charan, who is currently finishing up his college work in the U.S.. none
other than the son of playback singer S.P.Balasubramaniam.. and
Yugendran.. son of another playback singer in films.. Malaysia Vasudevan!..  

***Speaking of Anuradha Sriram.. the least that Anandha Vikatan could
describe her as was a "vichitra-maana pennmani"!.. Recently, Anu was all
dolled up for a photography session for the audio cassette cover of her
latest pop album in collaboration with Magnasound!.. Adalaayam
theriyaamal thindaadi-ya AV journalist, upon her request waited outside the
studios, anticipating a short interview with Anu!.. Veliya vandha penn, was
wearing a drab looking churidhaar Kameez, make-up illaadha yennai vazhiyam
mugam and all.. paavam nirubar.. he was fooled again!..

Anu explained: "I usually go alone to recording sessions for songs..
Furthermore, sometimes only the music director and I spend hours into
the night alone discussing and recording songs!.. Appadi irukkum bodhu,
naan mattum pallich-endru irundhaal yeppadi?.. So this dull make-up.. I
do this on purpose!.. Isai Amaipaallar-in gavanam sidhara koodaadhu-nu
saree maadhiri-yaana sexy dress kooda poduvadhu kidayaadhu!..
(At last.. a budhdhishaali-yaana, not-so-shandai kozhi, talented padagi..
Magna Sound has really hit it big this time!)..

***Karthik is making his mark!... Karthik Ilayaraja's scheduled signing
contracts for composing music were once in the following order.. Panchu
Arunachalam's "Alexander the Great," T.Siva's "Maanikkam," and then
R.V.Udhayakumar's "August 15th".. Paavam Karthik.. "Alex the Great"
started production only recently.. so the Rajkiran/T.Siva village
background flick's soundtrack "Maanikkam" mundhi kondadhu!.. and it seems
the music is like Ilaiyaraja's itself.. the soft and melodious type!..
The audio cassette sales are booming.. and well.. well.. what do you
know?!.. Amithabh Bachchan enters the scene signing Karthik for his film
"Ullaasam".. Karthik-oda Raajiyaththil Uyyaa Laala!..

***Tamil Movie News***

***Kamal News***

***Sithai-yai kaanna maattom!.. For some strange reason, which nobody
seems to provide us with.. the Balachandra Menon-Kamalhaasan-Crazy Mohan
koottani film "Kanden Sithaiyai" has been dropped!.. Some say because of
irreconsilable differences between many working on the film!.. But
yaarukku theriyum.. yennaa padaththoda history appadi!.. First
Balachandra Menon fought with K.Bhagyaraj, who was supposed to take
"Amaiyaana Saththiyam" as "Veetla Visheshanga".. andha project yeguri
poyi.. now "Kanden Sithaiyai" has also been dumped!.. "Saththiyam"-aa
indha padaththoda mahimai Malayaala-thoda dhaan nikka poradhu!..

***To compensate this loss, comes "Mrs. SandhegaThee".. oops sorry, the
remake of "Mrs. Doubtfire" titled "Avvai Shanmugi".. Kamalhaasan in the
Robin Willaims title role, with Meena playing the Sally Field of the
film.. The film has been appropriatedly titled because of Kamal's pattru
to T.S.Shanmugam, in whose plays Kamal starred as a child artist!..
Dialogues are by Crazy Mohan, Music by Deva, and Direction by
K.S.Ravikumar ("Naattaamai" pada-ththoda sayal-lai niraiya padam
yeduththu jamaiththu kondiruppavar!).. The film is progressing fast in
beautiful locations like Kerala, Goa.. and primary importance given to

***As we speak, Kamal America-vil irukkiraar!.. At least, he left for
America after the "Mupperum Vizha" for his three Rajkamal films.. He is a
special guest of Intel Computers, with the central goal of learning about
some of the latest technology available to us!.. Furthermore, Raajkamaal
International is busy producing four or five films!.. One of which is
currently being written by Shaapjaan, who had written "Kurudhippunal"..
There is word of remaking "Magalir Mattum" in Hindi.. Plus, Kamal himself
is working on a script titled "Amara Kaaviyam".. once Sarika is all
ready for direction, the film will begin shooting!.. Appuram, there's the
issue of what Shekar Kapoor was doing at the "Mupperum Vizhaa"..
Ivarukkum Kamal plans to act in a Hindi film after quite a long break!..

***Other News***

***"Valli"-kku "Anandham".. Moondru peyir "Anandham" set-il bayangara
kushi-yil irukkiraargal!.. Prakash raj, Gouthami, and SURPRISE.. Priya
Raman.. "Valli" has finally been able to see the light at the end of the
tamil cine field tunnel!.. But new kuzhappams have come about in Prakash
raj's role in Mani's film.. Mudhalil, Nana Patekar was predicted to do
the role, supposedly, he asked for too much dough, then came Mamooty,
don't know where he went, then came Arvind Swamy, who did not have time,
then Prakash Raj took over... Hmmm.. now interestingly, Arvind Swamy is
said to be back playing the same role again!.. So Prakash raj yenna

Here's a tentative star cast on "Anandham".. nichchayam-aaga yedhuvum
sollvadharkku illai.. Mohanlal, Aishwarya Rai, Gouthami, Arvind Swamy,
Prakash Raj(Mottai Thalai for the film), Priya Raman!.. Music by

***Speaking of koottanis.. we have quite a bit to talk about:
Karthik-Director Gokulakrishna-Goundamani are back together, after
"Muthukkaalai"... in a new film titled "Poovarasan".. co-starring new
face Rakshana, Senthil, Vijaykumar, Sujatha, Chandrasekhar, Radharavi..
Music by Ilaiyaraja.. and Cinematography by Jayanan Vincent!..

Karthik-Director Sundhar C.-Goundamani-Music Director Sirpi are also back
with a bang, after "Ullaththai Allithaa".. making "Metukkudi" together..
Nagma, Manivannan, Gemini Ganeshan, Thilakan, Kasaan Khan, Kalaranjani
(Oorvasi's sis) all star!.. The movie is expected for release sometime in

Ajeethkumar-Director Agathiyan-Music Director Deva are koottani-ying
again after "Vaanmadhi"'s tremendous box office success with "Kaadhal
Kottai" with Heera in a full length "kavarchi" role for the very first
time, along side Devayaani, Indhu, Chandrasekhar, Manivannan, Rajeev,
"Thalaivaasal" Vijay and others...

***1,2,3,... "Ullaasam"!... ABCL, Amithabh Bachchan's production company
which tasted success last year distributing Maniratnam's "Bombay".. ippo
romba sandhosha-ththil moozhigi irukkiraargal!.. They recently earned the
Hindi film rights to Shankar's "Indhiyan".. and held beginning poojai
ceremonies for their 1st tamil production "Ullaasam"!.. Naam ellorum
yengi kondirundha kaalam mudindhu, finally Maheshwari, after "Karuthamma"
stars in "Ullaasam".. her 2nd film!.. and Karthik Ilaiyaraja composes
music for this, his 3rd film!(guess, "August 15th" isn't considered his
3rd film after all!)... Incidentally, Kushboo's brother Abdulla's
name and Nagma's sister Raadhika Saadhana were associated with the
"Ullaasam" star cast.. ippo yenna nilamaiyo?!.. T.V. serial directors
J.T. and Jerry get their first chance at directing a tamil film!..

***"Chandiyar" "Andha Naal"-ukku pogiraar!.. Prem's "Varaar Chandiyar"
was not critically acclaimed by anybody's standards, but at least, he
hasn't given up hope.. ippodhu his new project is a low budget crime
thriller with Raja, Mohini, Anandharaj and Prem, himself playing a
special role!.. The film is directed by new comer Vishnupriyan!..

***"Chinna Saami Periya Saami" stars a new face by the name of "Udhaya"..
Since R.V.Udhayakumar directs the film, the latest rumour spreading is
that he is in love with "Udhaya" because he named her so!.. When
interviewed, RVU laughed and said that this was similar to the
carrying tales of him and Soundharya during the "Ponnumani"
shooting!.. He clarified that "Udhaya"'s full name is "UdhayaBhaanu"..
and he just shortened it.. That's all!.. "Udhaya" was discovered in a
telegu T.V. serial by RVU.. she is well versed in yoga and gymnastics!..
Jayaram, Goundamani, Senthil, Manorama, and RVU himself star in "CSPS"!..

***Kadavul illai yendraalum "Sivan" irukkalaam!.. Director Velu
Prabhakaran, who most recently directed R.K.Selvamani's "Raajaali" is an
athiest, like Sathyaraj and Prakash Raj.. but the title of this latest
film is "Sivan".. the film has nothing to do with God though!.. The hero
of the film is a robot worth 30 lakhs!.. Poor Napes, Swathi ("Vaanmadhi",
"Deva") and Raadhika, are getting orangkkattu-fied, because of this
expensive robot!.. the film is an all night shooting affair held in the
sear seyar-kkai nagaram in Singapore!.. The music composed by Adithyan
will be recorded in Dolby Stereo!.. "Asuran" yendra oru maadhiri-yaana
robot padam yeduththu kai-yai suttu konda kaalam ninaivukku vara villaiyaa,
VP avargale?!..

***"Karuppu Nadigar"-in koba thaabangal!.. A while back, Saravannan was
very upset that he could not sign a single actress for his production
"Vishwanath".. He had angrily stated: "Vijaykanth-a kooda ippadi dhaan
treat pannaanga!.. Ippo paarunga avar evalavvu periya aall
aayitaar-nu!".. Finally, Mohini and Swathi have come forward to star in
"Vishwanath" with Saravannan!.. Deva has composed music, while Saravannan
chronicles the life and times of a doctor through new director
Gouthaman's vision!.. Saravannan is also striving to seri kattu-fy his
blunders with "Thaai Manasu" which had bad publicity and skipped
several release dates before actually hitting theatres!..

***Meet Kalyaan.. the new villain in Pavithran's "Kallurivaasal".. which
didn't do as well as expected.. but Kalyaan got another chance at playing
a psycho villain with an allergy for weapons in S.A.Chandrasekhar's
"Maanbumigu Maannavan" which was released recently!.. Kalyaan is actually
a dancer by profession, no wonder really!, considering Puliyoor Saroja is
his grandmother!.. Kalyaan got married recently and awaits further roles
in tamil films, while dancing his way to stardom in the meanwhile!..

***Movies in Progress***

***"Naan Oru Indhiyan".. You think you have seen an Ashtaava-dhaani,
well, here's a real one: Babu Ganesh, who takes care of story,
screenplay, dialogues, associate music direction, direction of his latest
film!.. starring Vinitha, Oorvasi, Vadivelu in 9 roles, Nizhalgal Ravi,
Suresh and Babu Ganesh himself.. Music is by Ilaiyaraaja!..

***The second Babu Ganesh film.. as "Ashtaava-dhaani" doing the above
mentioned duties once more for "Bhaarathi" starring Kushboo in a double
role, one as herself and the other as a rich man's daughter!.. Nizhagal
Ravi, Vadivelu, Roopasri, Anbarasu M.P. star!.. BG also takes care of the
entire music direction for the film!..

***"Mr. Devaraj".. Jayaram, Ranjitha, Goundamani, Senthil, Naasar,
"Thalaivaasal" Vijay, Bala Singh ("Avathaaram") and new comer Kanya
star.. Music by Deva and direction by Raasi Azhagappan, assistant to
Kamal in "Magalir Mattum" and "Aboorva Sagotharargal".. Jayanan Vincent
provides the camera work!..

***Saratkumar's dream comes true with the help of "Adharmam" producers G.
Suresh and G. Ramesh--"Nethaaji" pada poojai was held a while back!..
This was Sarat's dream project, directed by Moorthy Krishna!..

***Of the twelve films, Vijayashanthi stars today, two big films are
"Sathyajyothi" with Jayaram, dialogues by Liyakath Alikhan, and
"Vettaikkaari" with Saratbabu and Napolean.. Vijayashanthi's career
somehow seems rejuvenated after signing a film with Amitabh Bachchan in
Hindi!.. Kalakki kondirukkiraar!.. But it seems strange that news of the
Arjun-Vijayashanthi flick "Thaayin Manikodi" has died down!..

***Older brother M.S.V.Murali achieved significant success with
"Kuyamuththur Maapillai" along with Director C.Ranganathan, so younger
brother M.S.V.Gopi (supposed to be also producing the
Mohanlal-Prabhu-Gouthami-Heera flick "Amaithi Poonga"), is currently
producing "Tata Birla" as Parthiban and Goundamani star.. If guessing is
a good thing, shall we predict that Music director Deva-vum, nadigai
Sangita-vum nichchayam-aaga indha padathulai-yum irupaargal yendru?!..

***Kutti/Kadhamba News***

***Amala-Naagarjuna's son Akhil is ruling the roost in telegu today!..
This cute looking podiyan has won a Screen-Videocon Award for the telegu
remake of the Hollywood film "Baby's Day Out".. this film come out in
tamil soon as "Chutti Kuzhandhai".. Ambika is back in Madras with her
kids settled in school!.. Word is she has received a few offers to act in
Tamil and Telegu!.. Ambika is seriously trying to get a role in
K.Balachandar's latest project "Kalki".. which begins shooting soon!..

***Oorvasi plans to produce a tamil film soon.. along the lines of Roja,
who has also kai-yai suttufied liked Silk Smitha making such big
blunders!.. Yuvarani has decided to quit acting in sister roles all
together.. she believes it has been ruining her image!.. There is word of
a new mottai to join the club of Sathyaraj in "Nooraavathu Naal",
Saranraj in "Gentleman", Prakash Raj in "Anandham".. or so we presume..
now comes Nizhalgal Ravi in K.T.Kunjumon's "Shakthi".. to be directed by
newcomer R. Raghuraj and music by newcomer Anand..

***Napolean recently lost a role in Balu Mahendra's up and coming film..
he was tremendouly disappointed!.. Finally we have news about "Alexander
the Great".. the film stars Vijaykanth and only recently went into
production!.. Sathyaraj has a latest mogam for more than one heroine to
star in his films!.. His "Senaadhibadhi" stars Soundharya and Sukanya,
while "Vallal" stars Meena, Roja and Sangita.. SB is being directed by
newcomer Ratnakumar while "Vallal" is being directed by Raaj Kapoor
("Thaalaattu Ketkudhamma")!.. Word is Madhubala might have lost her role
in "Mr. Romeo" to Meena.. but nothing to confirm this yet!.. To top of
all the kutti news of the world, comes the face that Goundamani and
Jyothimeena are dancing in a comedy song in Vishnuhaasan's "Pudhu Nilavu"..
Goundar comes in several different modern outfits for the dance gig with
JM.. Idhai vida bayamoorthara vishayam yedhaavadhu irukkumo?..


My Sources: Cinema Express, Kumudham, Anandha Vikatan..


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