Exhibit 3.0 Release

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Exhibit 3.0 Release Ryan Lee 10/5/12 2:21 PM
Today, we're tagging the final Exhibit 3.0 release.  You can now make
use of it at:


After an extended period of testing, bugfixing, and making improvements,
we're happy to introduce a few things that have changed since the
release candidate:

  * Maps!  Google Maps v3 and v2 now work.
  * Extension inclusion change: use the pattern <link
rel="exhibit-extension" href="path/to/extension.js"> - Exhibit needs to
load these in a certain order which using <script> tags does not guarantee.
  * There's a new argument ?persist=false you can use when including
Exhibit (exhibit-api.js?persist=false) which allows someone building an
Exhibit to avoid retaining history as they make changes and reload their
page.  It is strongly encouraged you use this only in the Exhibit
building phase.

== For Developers ==

If you're interested in seeing all of the issues addressed in 3.0 and/or
all of the actual changes to the code, visit GitHub:

(anything updated since July onwards)
Diff: https://github.com/zepheira/exhibit3/compare/3.0.0rc1...3.0.0

We strongly encourage developers to fork Exhibit on GitHub and start
taking things in your own direction.  We're quite happy to get pull
requests, though going forward we'd like to consider ourselves just
another node in the network instead of sitting in the center of the hub.
  Feel free to continue to use the Zepheira fork's issue tracker and
wiki if you find that centralization helpful, but don't feel constrained
to do so.

== End Notes ==

Zepheira's participation in this Exhibit upgrade is dependent on
funding.  If you know of any parties interested in partnering with us to
continue to work on and improve Exhibit and its open source ecosystem,
please get in touch.

Re: Exhibit 3.0 Release ido 10/15/12 2:06 AM
Congratulations to the release!
Thank you very much for your work.