SilverStripe 3.1.0-beta3

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SilverStripe 3.1.0-beta3 Ingo Schommer 4/18/13 12:50 PM
Hi everyone,

We have another beta release for SilverStripe 3.1!

You can download 3.1.0-beta3 at, or you can install it with Composer.

More details in the changelog and upgrading guide. Please note that your Page.php will require some
changes to static visibility (we have instructions in the upgrading guide.

In case you're upgrading with Composer: If you are using 3.1.x-dev, then run "composer update".
Otherwise, edit your composer.json and set the version for silverstripe/framework and silverstripe/cms to 3.1.0-beta3, and then run "composer update"