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Typesafe for Scala Martin Odersky 5/12/11 7:04 AM
Dear Scala users

Today we are announcing that Martin Odersky and the team at Scala
Solutions are joining forces with Jonas Bonér and the team at Scalable
Solutions, along with other leaders from the Scala and Akka communities,
to form a new company called Typesafe.

You can learn more about Typesafe at our new web site:


As our first project, we have created an open source software stack that
includes Scala 2.9 and Akka 1.1, which is available today:


We will also continue our work on the Scala IDE for Eclipse, and we're
excited to be working with Mark Harrah to integrate sbt as well.

Typesafe offers optional commercial services including technical support
and maintenance for the Typesafe Stack, as well as training and consulting
services (in conjunction with our excellent partners).

Most of the Typesafe team will be at Scala Days 2011 at Stanford in just a
few weeks, and we look forward to seeing many of you there.  We'll also be
offering Scala and Akka training classes the two days preceding the
conference, in case you or any friends or colleagues might be interested
in joining.

We're excited to be taking Scala and Akka to the next level, and we look
forward to working closely with our amazing community to make it happen!


Martin Odersky and Jonas Bonér

Re: [scala-language] Typesafe for Scala Lucas Torri 5/12/11 7:20 AM
Hello there!

Does it mean any difference on the Scala's actor library?

Lucas B. Torri
Re: [scala-user] Re: [scala-language] Typesafe for Scala martin odersky 5/12/11 7:58 AM

On Thu, May 12, 2011 at 4:20 PM, Lucas Torri <lucas...@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello there!

Does it mean any difference on the Scala's actor library?

For the just-released Scala 2.9, no. Over the next versions, we plan to gradually merge Akka with scala.actors.

 -- Martin

Re: Typesafe for Scala Oleg Galako 5/12/11 8:25 AM
Excellent news! Very cool way to integrate akka actors into Scala too ;)
Best luck to the team!
Re: [scala-user] Re: [scala-language] Typesafe for Scala Lucas Torri 5/12/11 9:16 AM

that sounds great!

Lucas B. Torri
Re: [scala-language] Typesafe for Scala Kevin Wright 5/12/11 10:33 AM
Such great timing too, it's also my daughter's 2nd birthday!

That has to be a good omen :)

Kevin Wright

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Re: [scala-language] Typesafe for Scala Bill Venners 5/12/11 11:24 AM
This is cool. Congratulations to Martin, Jonas, and the rest of the
team. The software you guys have produced without funding is so good
it is exciting to imagine what you'll do with it. And the name is
great too.


Bill Venners
Artima, Inc.

Re: [scala-language] Typesafe for Scala Ittay Dror 5/12/11 11:38 AM

Wow! a very impressive team as well as investors and advisors. http://typesafe.com/company/team

Congrats to Paul Phillips for being a part of it.