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Brilliant compiler engineers wanted martin 9/10/12 3:19 AM
Typesafe and EPFL have lots of new interesting opportunities around the Scala compiler. Among the tasks to tackle are:

 - Improve compile speed
 - Target new platforms including Java 8 and Javascript
 - Improve optimization techniques
 - New language features (e.g. value classes, macros)
 - Better libraries
 - Better integration with IDEs, build tools, reflection.

If you are a brilliant compiler engineer and are also fluent in Scala we would like to hear from you. Depending on your background and needs we could discuss a range of employment options:

 - As an engineer at Typesafe: You need to be able and willing to work at one of our three locations: San Francisco/USA, Uppsala/Sweden, Lausanne/Switzerland.

 - As an engineer, post-doc, or Ph.D student at EPFL in Switzerland.

We'd like to see from you:

 - a pointer to non-trivial compiler code that you wrote,
 - if you wish to apply for a PhD student or post-doc position at EPFL, the usual academic qualifications. 

If you are interested, send mail to Antonio Cunei (in the cc). Please use his Typesafe address if you think you would rather apply to Typesafe, and his EPFL address if EPFL is your first choice. We will forward from one to the other, but this helps make an initial distinction. 

Thank you

Martin Odersky
Prof., EPFL and Chairman, Typesafe
PSED, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
Tel. EPFL: +41 21 693 6863
Tel. Typesafe: +41 21 691 4967